Dec 6 True Idaho News Podcast Addresses Tribalism, Racism, Anti-Semitism, and Socialism, Plus WHO Whistleblower Exposing Bill Gates

Daniel Bobinski and co-host Josh Gibbons hit on multiple topics today, including the danger of tribalism in Idaho politics, plus racism antisemitism, and socialism. They also discuss an Uncancelled News article with a Whistleblower story about the dangers of the “vaccines” and why they should be stopped immediately, plus the profit & control motive for Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci in the “vaccine mandates.”

Topics on today’s show:

1) Tribalism in Idaho’s politics is not healthy
2) Runoff election results in Pocatello, plus a sidebar on socialism
3) Racism and Anti Semitism – there’s no place for this anywhere on earth, especially in Idaho
4) Good news regarding Russ Fulcher’s cancer
5) A Whistleblower at the World Health Organization exposes the dangers of the vaccines, AND she calls out Bill Gates for his excessive manipulation

Listen to the show:

Listen now:


LINKS mentioned in the show:

Former WHO Employee Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger: “A Pandemic of Lies”


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