Dec 27 True Idaho News podcast: Somehow, taking away paychecks & healthcare will improve health? Plus, major problems at Idaho CPS

In this episode, Daniel Bobinski and co-host Josh Gibbons criticize those using Covid-19 “vaccines” to grab power and even practice medicine without a license. Then they turn their attention to MAJOR problems that exist within Idaho’s Child Protective Services.

Topics on today’s show:

1) Unvaxxed employees of United Airlines have been suspended without pay and have no way to access their benefits (including necessary surgeries), get financial aid, or even apply for another job. Their CEO says he’s making the decision to improve people’s health.

Read the story about what the CEO at United Airlines is doing to his unvaxxed employees

2) The powers-that-be are trying to ban Ivermectin ($20 for a five-day course of treatment) and force people to take an unproven $700 treatment of Molnupiravir (also five days) to treat Covid-19.

Read the story about the Biden Administration banning known safe and inexpensive drugs in favor of unknown and more expensive drugs:

3) St. Luke’s healthcare system’s Brightpath network in Idaho has severed their relationship with Dr. Ryan Cole and Cold Diagnostics for the “crime” of sharing peer-reviewed material with findings that don’t agree with the global Covid-19 narrative. Boise’s Dr. Livingston wrote an excellent letter defending Dr. Cole, while Idaho’s former attorney general Jim Jones and soon-to-be ex-governor Brad Little are empty suits who could also be guilty of practicing medicine without a licence.

4) Circle the calendar: Daniel agrees with an editorial from the Idaho Statesman. The editorial board recommends a thorough reform of Idaho’s Child Protective Services.

Read the Idaho Statesman Editorial about Idaho’s CPS

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5) Finally, lots of cold combined with several inches of snow falling this week will create hazardous driving conditions – especially on New Year’s Eve. Be careful!!

Dear Ada County Highway District – DROP THE PLOWS!! If your trucks are out and about and there’s snow on the roads, you have no excuse – DROP THE PLOWS.

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