Bonner County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw Enters the Race to be Idaho’s Governor

The field of candidates seeking the state’s highest office grew on Tuesday, as Bonner County Commissioner Steve Bradshaw announced his bid for the seat.  In a press release, Bradshaw said, “We face tremendous threats from massive federal overreach to our way of life as Idahoans. Biden’s radical federal regime wants to run roughshod over the sovereignty of Idaho, and the freedom of Idahoans. Washington DC technocrats want to dictate every detail of how we live our lives. But their ‘one size fits all’ Washington DC solutions just don’t work here. I am never going to allow that to happen.”

Bradshaw’s comments indicate he will not mirror the example of Brad Little, who is known to allow the recommendations of the World Economic Forum to slip into the state. Bradshaw said, “We will not be locked down. We will not be masked against our will, and we will not be vaccinated against our will.

In his comments, Bradshaw was clear he would not align with the “woke” culture, saying, “Our daughters will not be forced to compete against men who think they are women, or to share their locker rooms with them. We will not deem patriots as “domestic” terrorists, nor will we deem a political gathering an “insurrection.” We will stand up for our rights and we will back our stand by our God given right to defend ourselves, our families, our homes and our way of life.” 

Bradshaw also clarified his stance on the first and second amendments, saying, “No one will ever take our guns, and no one will limit how many rounds we can hold in our mags. No one will censor our speech, but no one will teach our kids that America is an illegitimate nation founded in evil when we all know that America is the best hope for the future of all mankind. That won’t happen here in Idaho.”

Bradshaw is the eighth Republican announcing a run to unseat Brad Little, who, as of yet, has not announced whether he will run again, despite his reported fundraising. Bradshaw joins fellow Republicans Ed Humphreys, Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin, Ammon Bundy, Lisa Marie, Chris Hammond, Jeff Cotton, and Cody Usabel in his bid for the state’s top office on the Republican side.

So far, the only gubernatorial candidate on the Democrat side is Melissa Sue Robinson of Nampa. It should also be noted that two Idahoans are running as unaffiliated candidates; John Dionne and Robert Dempsey.

More information about Bradshaw’s campaign can be found here.


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