Idaho Legislators Issue Joint Statement on Employer-Mandated “Vaccines” and Reconvening the Legislature

An increasing number of Idaho employers are instituting mandatory Covid shots for their employees, yet Governor Brad Little and House Speaker Scott Bedke (R-Dist. 27) are doing nothing, hiding behind a claim that government shouldn’t regulate private business. This, despite their voting records that betray those claims. Given this lack of action, 22 Idaho legislators issued a Joint Statement calling for the state legislature to be reconvened to address the issue of mandatory injections.

Two state senators and 20 representatives attached their name to the Joint Statement, which underscores their belief that Idahoans have the right to refuse invasive medical procedures, including vaccinations, inoculations, immunizations, and genetic modulations (gene therapy). Their statement, dated July 29, reads as follows:

Most employers are choosing to inform and educate employees regarding COVID vaccines/shots.

However, some Idaho employers have recently threatened employees with job loss if they refuse the COVID vaccines/shots.

We believe the right to refuse invasive medical procedures and experiments, including vaccinations, inoculations, immunizations, and genetic modulations (gene therapy), is paramount to the interest of the employers. Other legislators have drafted similar letters of support for their districts to try to allow as many legislative members as possible the opportunity to sign on in a short amount of time. Those who have signed on to this letter thus far, unite with the following:

We do hereby support legislation and the process to properly protect the physical and health freedoms of Idaho employees from mandatory COVID vaccinations/shots.

Reconvening of the legislature is the necessary next step in upholding and protecting the rights of the people.

Senators Regina Bayer (R-Dist. 21) and Christi Zito (R-Dist 23) are the two senators who attached their names to the statement. The 20 state representatives, all Republicans, are:

Randy Armstrong (Dist. 28)
Vito Barbieri (Dist. 2)
Judy Boyle (Dist. 9)
Chad Christensen (Dist. 32)
Greg Ferch (Dist. 21)
Terry Gestrin (Dist. 8)
Priscilla Giddings (Dist. 7)
Karey Hanks (Dist. 35)
Ryan Kerby (Dist. 9)
Mike Kingsley (Dist. 6)
Dorothy Moon (Dist. 8)
Mike Moyle (Dist. 14)
Ron Nate (Dist. 34)
Tammy Nichols (Dist. 11)
Doug Okuniewicz (Dist. 2)
Heather Scott (Dist. 1)
Charlie Shepherd (Dist. 7)
Tony Wisniewski (Dist. 3)
Julie Yamamoto (Dist. 10)
Julianne Young (Dist. 31)

In a press release, Rep. Tammy Nichols invited other legislators to add their name to the Joint Statement, saying “We offer our other colleagues the same opportunity to join with us by adding their names to this letter.”

When contacted for comment by True Idaho News, Rep. Nichols said, “The people of Idaho want to know where their legislators stand on this issue – whether they are going to stand to protect their rights.”

Regarding the Joint Statement, Nichols said, “This statement is short and simple. We oppose the mandates and want the legislature to return to session to fix this mess.”


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