Biden Admin Desperately Trying to Remove ANOTHER Foreign Attorney General

By Robby Starbuck

The following article first appeared on Twitter / X and can be found here.


The Biden Administration seems desperate to remove the Guatemalan Attorney General, and it just got more insane. Why this move from Biden? The Guatemalan Attorney General is investigating child trafficking at the U.S. border and it’s possible the Biden Administration may be involved.

During a recent hearing on Capitol Hill, Representative Warren Davidson (R-OH) recently exposed a tactic the Biden Administration is using that involves threats – threats that also affect the children of Guatemalan congressmen. Representative Davidson then directly confronted Secretary of State Anthony Blinken about why the Biden Administration is trying get Guatemala’s AG thrown out of office.

Here’s the background:

The Biden State Department threatened to cancel the visas for Guatemalan Congressmen’s children who attend school in America if the Guatemalan Representatives didn’t support removing the Attorney General.

This is a huge escalation in their efforts to remove the Guatemalan AG. And, that effort comes on the heels of my exclusive interview with the Secretary General of Guatemala’s AG office that went viral last week, with over 4 million views on X.

The Secretary General, Angel Pineda, was also threatened prior to my interview with him by someone claiming to carry a message from the U.S. Embassy, who that Pineda was “playing with fire” if he did our interview.

At this point, the behavior of the Biden Administration only makes me more suspicious that the AG in Guatemala has stumbled onto something damaging to the Biden Administration. This is eerily similar to how Joe Biden got a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who was in the middle of investigating issues that involved his son Hunter and possibly other members of the Biden family.

What is the Guatemala’s AG doing? She recently raided an NGO of which Jill Biden used to be the chair. Maybe that’s why Biden is trying to retaliate? At any rate, it doesn’t look good for the Biden Administration to try to remove another nation’s Attorney General, but things look especially corrupt under these circumstances.

Watch the Angel Pineda interview here.


This article by Robby Starbuck first appeared on Twitter / X and can be found here.


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