Be Not Deceived: Emergency Vaccines Cannot Be Mandatory

The Dr. Cole Series, Part 5

On March 18, 2021, Dr. Ryan Cole, M.D., spoke on issues surrounding Covid-19 at the Idaho State Capitol. The following transcript is taken from his presentation, and this installment serves a Part 5 of a 5-part series. Dr. Cole is a Board Certified, Mayo Clinic trained pathologist who has been in practice for 18 years. He is the CEO and Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics in Boise, Idaho and is unaffiliated with any political party or organization.

Editor’s note: Despite several Idaho news organizations and some in the medical field seeking to discredit and smear Dr. Cole with false allegations and character assassination, the staff at True Idaho News has reviewed the data provided by Dr. Cole and thus presents it here with confidence. True Idaho News does not receive advertising money nor bonuses from pharmaceutical companies or vaccine manufacturers, nor does it receive CARES Act money. True Idaho News has no reason to withhold valid and verifiable facts from the citizens of Idaho.


We don’t hear much about this.  VAERS is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System from the CDC.

So far, in the last 3 1/2  months, since these have been approved and put on the market and been inoculated into millions and millions and millions of Americans, we now have 30,000 adverse events reported, and 1,174 deaths in 3 1/2 months that are under investigation.

A Harvard study showed that adverse events are, historically, significantly under-reported. So, you can probably multiply those numbers many-fold.

Twenty countries – including eight European countries – in the last couple of days have halted the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine after just 100 clotting incidents. Yet the experimental injections – and you’ve just seen the data – have not been halted. This is a play in logic. If a company makes cribs and 12 cribs break where the child falls and dies, or if you’re selling tires, whatever tire blows up on 20 vehicles, or say a car seat fails, how many of those happen before there’s a complete product safety recall in the market.  A handful. Ten? Twenty? So it’s fascinating to ponder this. Again – is the cure worse than the disease?  We don’t know. We’re making a calculated risk with people’s lives in a population, so we need to be informed, and ask ourselves: “Are we thinking logically?”


No.  No, it cannot. They are optional. It’s your body, your choice. I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m pro safe-vaccine. The investigational trials are authorized by the FDA for emergency use only for two years, and the trials are designed to last for two years to determine efficacy and safety. Again, their efficacy end-point right now is not sterilizing immunity. They are 95% effective at decreasing one or two symptoms and the severity of the disease. They have not been approved nor licensed by the FDA. These are optional. Fact sheets are required to be given to providers and patients. I have a physician colleague – he just got his inoculation. They didn’t give him any fact sheet, even though it’s required by the FDA.

If you’re getting an inoculation for an investigational vaccine, they have to give you the fact sheet. You need to be informed to give an informed consent. These are trials. You are a subject in a trial. You need full informed consent.  If you go into surgery, your surgeon always says to you, “Here’s the risk, here are the potential complications, here’s what we do know, here’s what we don’t know. But you’re at risk, an you need to have fully informed consent.”

Informed consent about these vaccines is supposed to be happening. If it’s not happening where you are, make sure it is. At least that way the manufacturers and people giving the inoculations are being honest with the public as a medical establishment.

Investigational vaccines are not allowed to be mandatory. This applies to organizations including hospitals. This is from the CDC’s executive secretary regarding immunization policy. This is in the federal mandate. You cannot be mandated to take this.

An antibody may be forever. Good thing grandma got the polio or measles antibody. She still has a lovely antibody. That’s why she doesn’t get measles – that’s great. A lot of vaccines are safe and provide immunity to pathogens for a lifetime. That’s the goal. But if it isn’t a good one, there’s no way to reverse it. This is the precautionary tale.

Now when Covid started, we took the precautionary principle and said, “We need to lock everything down.” And you know what happened. That was precautionary. And I’m saying this is precautionary: “If it’s not a good antibody – it’s still an antibody you have forever.” “We don’t know yet,” is the honest answer. What are the long-term safety data on this? None yet.

Do we need to vaccinate children for a virus they survive with a statistical rate of essentially 100%?  Especially with the risks we know could happen down the road?  This is a question to think about when we don’t know what those long-term safety outcomes are.

When we started these investigational inoculations, it was for the high-risk group. If you are in the high-risk group and you want to be protected, great. Your body, your choice. But then it went from “high-risk group” to, “Let’s give it to everybody.” And now the trials are starting on children for – statistically – they will survive at 100% and do great.

So, I’m just making sure, as a public, are we asking the right questions?


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