Will America Wake Up?

By Daniel Bobinski

Enough of the “Woke,” and enough of the “MAGA.” The more one digs into what’s really going on in America, the easier it is to lose hope that anything will ever be “normal” again. That is, unless enough people return to the principles of righteousness found in Scripture and hold people’s feet to the fire. Our country’s Founders knew that Scriptural principles are solid, unchanging, and eternal – and therefore they are the only trustworthy principles upon which to stand. In fact, our Founders built a country on those principles.

Truth is, America hasn’t been normal for a long time. The Woke crowd is enamored with all things Marxist (whether they realize it or not), and they fail to realize that Woke-ism is a rose-colored stepping stone to serfdom. On the other hand, the MAGA crowd places all their hope in a gregarious businessman-turned-politician to be their fix-it-all savior. Trust the plan? If Trump ever had a plan, it got shredded by the multi-headed snake that is the Deep State. As Trump found out, the Swamp is much deeper and much bigger than he ever imagined in his worst nightmares, and left intact, it will stop at nothing to get its way. All one needs to do is review what happened to Lt. General Michael Flynn (Ret.) and one will quickly learn about depth, breadth, and unethical nature of the Swamp slime.

This video is a great explanation.
It’s 27 minutes, but you can speed it up and it’s definitely worth the time:

Two-Tiered Justice System

Looking at America’s justice system, we can see the rule of law is binary. More specifically, if you’re well-connected in the Swamp or you have enough money or wield enough political power, the law doesn’t apply to you. Start with the Michael Flynn case to see how an innocent man gets set up simply because he knows who’s doing what in the Swamp. Then Take Hillary Clinton (please), who gets away with lying and law-breaking on a regular basis. As just one example, she has her crew take hammers to phones and bleach-bit to hard drives and nothing happens to her. Nobody files charges for destroying evidence, and nobody sends her up for fostering the “Russia Collusion” hoax. But what difference, at this point, does it make?

Try destroying evidence someone when accuses you of a crime and see how that works out for you.

Then take Anthony Fauci. If ever a human being existed that should be put to death (in the most painful way possible) for his heinous crimes, it’s Teflon Tony Fauci. Read “The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. to get your mind blown regarding Fauci’s psychopathic, murderous actions. After you read the book, you’ll realize that last sentence was not hyperbole.

If you don’t like to read, get the audio book. If you do nothing else, have someone read to you chapter 7. Anthony Fauci is nothing but a liar and manipulator and murderer, but don’t bother calling out his misdeeds and expecting things to get corrected. Fauci’s tentacles reach so far, even the U.S. Senate can’t do a damn thing about him (for that, see chapter 8 in RFK Jr’s book).

Fauci directs so many of our great-grandchildren’s tax dollars to people whom he wants to control, even the entire Department of Health and Human Services now bows to his command. In all seriousness, after learning how corrupt these “health” agencies are, nobody should ever believe a word they say. That is, until after Fauci is publicly fried in an electric chair.

Lest anyone think that last paragraph is too mean, let’s see if they hold the same position after reading chapters 7 and 8 from JFK Jr’s book.

Thousands of other examples of a two-tiered justice system exist, all the way down to corruption in small towns. It happens all across America. If someone makes illegal deals that profit themselves and their cronies and if those in the judiciary are told that some of their shameful sins will be exposed if they rule the “wrong” way, then – look! There’s something shiny over there! And if something “shiny” doesn’t work, then don’t worry. The plaintiff won’t have standing – case dismissed.

America’s justice system is supposed to be blindfolded and the scales of justice are supposed to be true, but corrupt people like Clinton and Fauci not only hold down one side of the scales, they pull so tightly on Lady Justice’s blindfold, she will never see who’s manipulating those scales.

Social “Justice”

Let’s make something clear. If the word justice needs to be modified, it’s not justice, it’s an agenda. Let’s start with the basics. Making someone responsible for something someone else did is downright ludicrous. Think: If your parents killed someone before you were born, should it be you who goes to jail? If your great-grandparents robbed a bank, should you be forced to pay it back? The answer to these questions for any sane person is, “Of course not.” The idea of “reparations” is so illogical, sane people should not even engage in a discussion about it.

Next on the silliness position is racism. Since the majority of clear-thinking people could see through the total absence of logic in the reparations argument, the Woke crowd had to come up something even more ludicrous to divide the nation. Magically, in the past few years, we’ve learned that all people with light-colored skin are racist. The fact that this is even considered to be true goes light years beyond all levels of sanity, because the same prejudice argument could be made about any color of skin, or any religion, or any gender – it would simply depend on who cried “victim” the loudest. Naturally, the Woke crowd tells us that any white person who denies being racist proves the racism.

If you float, you’re a witch; if you sink and drown, you were innocent. Remember that logic?

Speaking of genders, whatever happened to XY and XX chromosomes being the differentiating factor to determine males and females? Everyone’s favorite TV scientist “Bill Nye” even had an episode explaining this to all the young boys and girls. Except now he denounces it. I guess the science wasn’t settled.

For the record: XY chromosomes = male. XX = female. If people want to be referred to as Jack or Janet, we can play along and refer to people by whatever names they want. However, when it comes to the pronoun game, we should all reserve the right to refuse to participate in anyone’s sexual fantasies.

Trust the Plan

Let’s shift our focus now and consider the shortcomings of arguments we hear on the Right. If ever a phrase existed to keep Patriots from taking action against injustice, it was “Trust the plan.” That phrase was assumed by millions to mean, “Don’t act – our savior Trump will fix it when the time is right.”  Except that isn’t how America was designed to work. If people want to trust a plan, THE PLAN is and always has been America being a country OF the people, BY the people, and FOR the people. America is not a nation in which a single wealthy businessman brings in a plan that will fix everything while we all wait for him to tell us what to do.

Sadly, even with the Deep State showing just how far its tentacles reach with its attack on General Flynn and the outright theft of the 2020 Presidential election – which includes a media that not only joins in the lies but also denigrates those who shine light on the truth – some people still get their nose out of joint when people point out the shortcomings of Donald Trump.

Let’s be ultimately clear – Donald Trump is a man, not a superhero and not a god. He may have understood the pulse of red-blooded Americans and he may have had a plan to retore the Republic, but he underestimated his enemy so badly that he didn’t put his foot down to tell the Deep State “NO” and he didn’t put enough good people in place to make his plan happen.

Worse yet, Trump tried to play nice, thinking those in the Deep State had a modicum of ethics. They don’t. To them, might makes right, so their only quest is for power – and they are relentless in their drive to obtain it and keep it. Said another way, they are ruthless and they don’t care. To them, the end justifies the means.

Can’t Trust The Media

One of the easiest ways to control Americans is through the media. Too many people believe whatever they hear on the news. Here’s why: By and large, people are honest and wouldn’t think of telling lies about important things, but those same people don’t understand the power of advertising dollars. All those talking heads on TV need paychecks, so if pharmaceutical companies are shelling out big bucks for ads, media companies are disinclined to report facts if those facts make pharmaceutical companies look bad.

Add to that the overwhelming number of Marxist-friendly reporters in the media (by last measure, more than 93% donated only to Left-wing candidates), and America is unlikely to hear anything close to a balanced reporting of the news. Look at any study done on the subject, or, do an analysis of your own. If you do the latter, be objective and watch carefully how things are worded. Almost all the time it’s Democrats = good, Republicans = bad.  As just one example, how many times do you hear or see the phrase, “Far left-wing”? It’s nonexistent. But “Far right-wing” is practically commonplace.

Today, if someone simply wants government to follow the Constitution, that person is labeled a far-right-wing extremist.

Lies, Lies, and More Lies

As we’ve seen time and again, people in power think nothing of lying to the American people. Ten states had primary elections the past few weeks, and because establishment candidates had nothing of value to offer, they campaigned using lies and smears. And not just little white lies. They told big lies – and lots of them. As one example, the so-called Republican governor in Idaho locked down his state in the spring and summer of 2020. Suicides went up. Child abuse went up. Long-standing businesses ended up permanently shutting down.

What did this governor do? He openly campaigned that he never shut down his state. He told lots of other lies, too, and smeared his competition with falsehoods. But, because voters had short memories and were easily swayed by his false-but-flashy talking points, he got the most votes in the primary.

Throughout these primaries, Constitutional conservatives with voting records to prove it were branded as liberals, sometimes with photoshopped mailers showing them standing next to Nancy Pelosi and AOC. Establishment hacks said conservatives voted against the police (when they didn’t), against Trump (they weren’t), and were soft on crime (they definitely weren’t). These phonies even claimed endorsements from Conservative organizations that were never made, prompting legal action demanding that the Far-Left Republicans (who were claiming to be endorsed) cease and desist.

As mentioned earlier, Constitutional conservatives were also branded as extremists. Let’s ask the question: Since when is it extreme to want the country governed in accordance with the Constitution?

Voters could have looked up voting records themselves, but people tend to be lazy, and tragically, Americans who ought to know better believed the radio ads, TV ads, and the mailers. After all, the voters themselves wouldn’t tell lies so egregious, so why would a person who’s running for office?

By way of reminder, the answer is power. The end justifies the means. And now, known liars are holding public office while truly ethical conservatives who chose to take the high road in their campaign advertising are out.

This is what America has been experiencing for a long time, and it’s a problem that’s getting bigger – unethical people doing whatever it takes to grab and hold power. Suffice it to say that America is well on its way up the creek without a paddle. If establishment hacks act unethically to obtain office, they will also act unethically while in office.

Americans Must Wake Up and Return to The Founding Principles

If America is return to being a shining beacon on a hill, its people need to wake up from being Woke or being ardent followers of the idea that a single businessman can restore the Republic. We must return to the principles upon which our Founders stood when they created this country. There was, at our nation’s founding, a “Christian consensus” throughout the colonies. Obviously, not everyone was a Christian, but as a society, people saw the value of Christian principles and despite what Leftist educators tell us, the majority of our Founders were ardent Christians. They knew the principles found in Scripture were solid and they created a government based on those principles. In fact, some of them were rather vocal about it. 

While serving as the nation’s first President, George Washington proclaimed, “It is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favors.”

John Adams, in a letter he wrote to the Massachusetts militia while he was serving as our nation’s second President, said that, “Avarice, Ambition, and Revenge would break the strongest Cords of our Constitution as a Whale goes through a Net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

Thomas Jefferson, author of the Declaration of Independence and our nation’s third President, was not a Christian, but a Deist. Jefferson took a pen knife to the Scripture and made a book he called, “The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth,” or what is now known as The Jefferson Bible. He cut out the parts showing Jesus to be Divine, but he kept the Bible’s principles because he knew they were solid.

John Jay was appointed by George Washington to be the country’s first U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice and he also became President of the America Bible Society. In 1777, Jay wrote, “The Americans are the first people whom Heaven has favored with an opportunity of … choosing the forms of government under which they should live. All other constitutions have derived their existence from violence or accidental circumstances … Your lives, your liberties, your property, will be at the disposal only of your Creator and yourselves.”

The writings of our Founders are replete with the need to align with Scriptural principles. Anyone who parrots the Leftist line that America was not founded as a Christian nation is ignorant of history.

Time to Ask a Few Questions

Will those who lied to the nth degree and smeared true conservatives cast legislative votes that align with Scriptural principles?

Will the media begin reporting the truth instead of spinning and gaslighting to promote a Marxist agenda?

Will those who cheated to the nth degree and stuffed ballot drop boxes with phony ballots admit to their lies?

With those dividing our nation with falsehoods about race and prejudice start being objective about the nature of mankind?

Will those wielding power at any position in government stop seeking glory for themselves and instead speak the truth? It’s one thing to have a difference of opinion in policy; it’s another thing to cheat and lie and bully others to get one’s way.

Serious doubts exist about any of the above happening, but a glimmer of hope for our country does exist. Those seeking after truth can take the lead to get on their knees, ask forgiveness, and ask for the favor of Almighty God to be restored to this country. If those who have learned anything from the true history of this county take the initiative, it is possible to win back the favor of Almighty God.

In the end, when every person is standing before a Holy God, the truth WILL be made known. At that time, all will know the truth about our hearts, and righteousness will prevail.

But we don’t need to wait for our judgment day for righteousness to prevail. Americans can choose, once again, to seek after the principles found in Scripture. They are solid, unchanging, and eternal – and therefore they are the only trustworthy principles upon which to stand – and, they are the only principles under which America can return to any semblance of normal.


Daniel Bobinski is the editor of True Idaho News.


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