Special TIN podcast: Rep. Tammy Nichols talks tax relief, corruption, and religious exemptions

Today’s show features State Rep. Tammy Nichols, filling in listeners about things happening at the statehouse during the first few days of the 2022 session.

Topic on today’s show:

1) What do with the nearly $2 BILLION surplus?

Like most politicians, Gov. Brad Little wants to spend more of your money, and corrupt House Leadership have their own ideas – to heck with what the PEOPLE want. Daniel, Josh, and Rep. Giddings discuss grocery tax repeal as well as property tax relief. But Gov. Little and his minions think differently.  Rep. Nichols explains.

2) This year, 31 legislators have signed on to support the Conservative agenda. Are they just fishing for votes during an election year, or are more legislators seeing the light?

3) Republicans exist in both parties. It’s up to Constitutional Conservatives to step up and be active in at the GRASS ROOTS LEVEL in their neighborhood. Don’t let “establishment” Republicans define and diminish true conservativism. 

Daniel asks Josh and Rep. Nichols three questions to test their conservative bona-fides.

4) Elected State Reps and State Senators are being challenged by primarily Democrats and statist sympathizers to reconsider religious exemptions to “save children from medical neglect.” The synopsis of both Josh and Rep. Nichols is this is a slippery slope to more statism. Pros & cons are discussed.

Watch the presentation from six years ago (April of 2016 / Town Hall Meeting on Faith-Based Child Medical Neglect): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rg6PNAC7vlY

Info from Public News Services on Wednesday’s presentation: https://www.publicnewsservice.org/2022-01-12/childrens/more-calls-to-end-ids-religious-exemption-for-child-medical-neglect/a77347-1

5) This is a government OF and BY (and for) the people.  We get to control it.  We can be involved or we call let the statists take over. It was unanimous that Constitutional conservatives take an active role in what’s going on.

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