Mike Colomb From ‘The PMA Team’ Discusses Private Membership Associations on the VOCV Show

Over the past 150 years, government policies have been created that now increasingly encroach upon and control almost every aspect of business. What’s making a comeback is a way to operate businesses free of government mandates, permits, and inspections, and that’s through establishing a Private Membership Association (PMA). 

Mike Colomb, founder of The PMA Team, a PMA that helps organizations become PMAs, was recently a guest on Daniel Bobinski’s Voice of Conservative Values show on Brighteon.TV. Colomb discusses the benefits of shifting away from the “government’s” economy and moving into a legal, alternative private economy, free from government control.

To hear Colomb discuss PMAs, go to the 19:15 mark on the video.

In the 2nd half of the show, Daniel speaks with Mark Herr, founder and CEO of the Center for Self-Governance.  The two discuss the current issue of parents as the primary stakeholders in their children’s lives – not the government, and not the school boards.  That discussion picks up at the 30:30 mark on the video.

About Voice of Conservative Values

The Voice of Conservative Values TV show airs live each Thursday afternoon at 2pm mountain time / 1pm pacific. To watch, simply go to www.brighteon.tv and click the “Live Event” image at the top of the screen. Shows are free to watch and no registration is required. The Voice of Conservative Values show is hosted by True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski.

Bobinski also hosts a radio version of Voice of Conservatives Values which airs at 8:00 am each Saturday morning on 94.1 FM in the Treasure Valley. That show is sponsored by ConservativesOf.com. An archive of past VOCV radio shows can be found here.

Watch the Voice of Conservative Values broadcast featuring both Mark Herr and Mike Colomb here:

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