Kari Lake Coming to Idaho – Fuels Grassroots Enthusiasm

Op-Ed by Dorothy Moon

Idahoans are buzzing with excitement as renowned journalist and Republican political figure, Kari Lake, prepares to join the Idaho Republican Party at a highly anticipated event in Meridian on Friday, July 28. With a distinguished background in journalism and a passion for grassroots involvement, Lake’s appearance serves as a catalyst for energizing local grassroots Republicans.

Kari Lake is a familiar name to many, having spent over two decades as a trusted news anchor, most notably in Arizona. Her career has been marked by excellence, integrity, professionalism, and dedication to providing the public with accurate and balanced reporting.

What sets Kari Lake apart is her commitment to the grassroots of our party and her understanding of the importance of engaging with local communities. She firmly believes that our nation thrives when citizens are actively involved in the political process. This belief resonates strongly within the Treasure Valley, home to our State Capitol, and known for its engaged community members who take pride in shaping the future of Idaho.

Kari Lake has solidified her prominence as a leading figure in the fight for election integrity, raising critical concerns about the transparency and fairness of our electoral system. Her steadfast commitment to ensuring free and fair elections has garnered widespread support from those who believe in upholding the fundamental principles of our Republic.

Lake emerged as a prominent leader in Arizona’s fight for conservative values, spearheading a movement that resonated with countless individuals. With her deep commitment to defending individual liberties, Kari fearlessly challenges the heavy hand of big government. By raising awareness and advocating for a balanced approach, she empowers the community to question government overreach and demand accountability from elected officials. Her unwavering dedication to promoting open dialogue has made her a beacon of hope for those who feel their voices are not being heard. Her leadership inspires others to join the fight and ultimately paves the way for a more informed and balanced approach to navigating the challenges America faces.

Kari Lake embodies the spirit of an active citizenry that is vital in the lead-up to the Idaho Republican Presidential Caucus in 2024. Ours is the party of the working men and women of Idaho, where people take time from their jobs and their families to make Idaho and our nation freer. Idaho is poised to make a significant impact on the national stage, and we’ve got a busy year ahead.


The event on July 28th offers an exceptional opportunity for individuals to come together, exchange ideas, and lay the groundwork for Republicans to be successful working together to maintain Idaho’s conservative values. Local activists, party members, and concerned citizens are eagerly anticipating the chance to hear from Lake.

Come connect with fellow Republicans, as we work towards a common goal of preserving Idaho’s conservative identity. As the event draws near, the excitement continues to build. It promises to be a memorable gathering. Join us at Capital Church on Friday, July 28th at 6:30pm. Seating is limited so be sure to purchase your tickets soon at www.idgop.org/karilake.


Dorothy Moon is Chair of the Idaho Republican Party.

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