Is There Life After Death? Dean Braxton to Speak in Eagle

It was supposed to be a normal medical procedure. Dean Braxton had a persistent kidney stone, so the doctors decided to use high-energy shock waves to break it up. Prior to the procedure, doctors gave Dean some medicine to treat a kidney infection, but when they broke up the stone, an infection spread quickly through Dean’s body. He had sepsis. His organs rapidly shut down, and soon after, Dean died.

Doctors worked hard to revive Dean. Normally, they stop resuscitation efforts after 30 minutes, but something drove the doctors to keep going. Then Dean Braxton came back after being dead for one hour and 45 minutes.

“I went to where Christians go when they die,” Braxton says. “I went to heaven.” While there, he says he spoke with Jesus and saw family members who had gone on before him. “Everything is ‘right’ in heaven,” he says, “and everyone is glad you’re there.”

But Jesus told Dean, “It is not your time. Go back!”

To the doctors amazement, Dean made a full and complete recovery with no residual effects.

Braxton now speaks wherever he’s asked to speak, sharing the news about Jesus. He emphasizes that there’s nothing people can do to earn their way into heaven. “Jesus did it all – all you have to do is believe,” he says.

Dean Braxton will give a presentation for Braveritas in Eagle, Idaho at 7:30 pm on Tuesday, May 7, at Old State Saloon (formerly Orville Jackson’s), 50 E. State Street. Dean will speak for 45 minutes and then answer questions from the audience.

True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski interviewed Dean Braxton in October of 2023. Watch that interview here:

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