Interview on Hetero Awesomeness With Old State Saloon Owner Mark Fitzpatrick

Ever since 1999, when the Federal Government officially recognized June as “Pride Month” through a declaration by  Bill Clinton, the United States has seen a steady increase in the number of businesses trying to outdo each other in their celebration of homosexuality, queer, and transgender behaviors. By and large, most Americans dealt with it. After all, if people spoke out against it, they were labelled intolerant bigots and “hateful.”


This year, one business owner decided to focus instead on heterosexuality. He didn’t come out against the LGBTQ+ celebrations, he simply decided to celebrate heterosexuality. As the owner of Old State Saloon in Eagle, Idaho, Mark Fitzpatrick announced that June would be “Hetero Awesomeness Month” in his establishment. Mondays in June are “free beer” days for any male dressed in standard hetero garb. On Wednesdays, any heterosexual couple gets 15% off their total bill. And on Thursdays, heterosexual women get happy hour pricing all day long.

No hate. No intolerance. No bigotry. Just a celebration of heterosexuality.

Naturally, the local left-wing newspaper, the Idaho Statesman, couldn’t leave this alone. Columnist Michael Deeds attempted a slanderous hit piece on Mark Fitzpatrick and his establishment. He accused Fitzpatrick of … you guessed it … hate, intolerance, and bigotry (despite their complete absence).

True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski immediately wrote an Op-Ed challenging Deeds to cough up evidence of his accusations or issue an apology (READ BOBINSKI’s OP-ED HERE).  Deeds has done neither as of the time of this publication.

Anyone with more than two brain cells can visit Old State Saloon, observe the employees and observe how every patron is treated (gay or straight), and they will see that nothing comes close to Deed’s imagined activities. None of the attitudes exist that Deeds assumes are in play. And yet … Deeds declared Fitzpatrick’s celebration of heterosexuality to be hateful and intolerant. The Idaho Statesman implied the celebration was bigoted.

Perhaps it’s Deeds and the Statesman’s editorial board that are the bigots?

National News

God has a great sense of humor. Just like in Genesis 50, where we read, “you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good,” Deeds wrote a slanderous hit piece that caught the attention of news outlets around the globe. Stories about Old State Saloon’s month to celebrate heterosexuality have appeared on the pages and video reports of multiple major news organizations. As a result, people from across the continent and even people from other countries are now contacting Old State Saloon in support of hetero awesomeness.

As just one example, earlier this week a couple drove 400 miles out of their way just to visit the saloon in support of hetero awesomeness. The Saloon has seen sales spike to unprecedented levels, and they’ve been so inundated by people coming in to support the cause, they even ran out of food on Wednesday.

In an interview with True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski, Fitzpatrick makes it clear that he loves all people. No hate exists in his hetero awesomeness promotion.  He’s simply choosing to honor God in this promotion instead of sitting back while LGBTQ+ practices get flouted at so many other establishments.

Thanks to the slanderous hit piece by Michael Deeds, heterosexuals are stepping up in droves, celebrating the hetero awesomeness provided by God.

Does hate, intolerance, and bigotry exist ANYWHERE at Old State Saloon? Unfortunately, it’s showing up in the email, threats, and thefts that are occurring from people who don’t like that Fitzpatrick isn’t groveling before a rainbow flag. But from Old State Saloon employees or its ownership?  Not a drop.

Hats off to Mark Fitzpatrick for standing up for God’s righteousness and celebrating hetero awesomeness. As Fitzpatrick says, if it weren’t for heterosexuality, none of us would be here.

Watch Daniel Bobinski’s interview with Mark Fitzpatrick here.



In the interest of full disclosure, Daniel Bobinski, editor at True Idaho News, teaches a Bible study at Old State Saloon on Sunday mornings, has eaten at the establishment on multiple occasions, and has never once observed nor sensed any hate nor any intolerance toward any person in any way for any reason. Dr. Bobinski is also a certified behavioral analyst. 

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