Idahoans Must Act Now to Fight for Freedom and Protect Rights

John Crowder is publisher of the Pocatello-Chubbuck Observer. True Idaho News is in agreement with Crowder’s recent editorial calling on Idahoans to contact their legislators to do their duty.

Guest Op-Ed by John Crowder

Idahoans:  Call your legislators.  Tell them to be in Boise on Wednesday, September 15, and to do the job to which they were elected; protecting Idahoans’ freedoms and livelihoods.

Individual freedom is under unprecedented attack in America.  Biden’s recent announcement that he intends to use the federal bureaucracy, in this case the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), to force the COVID “vaccine” on tens of millions of Americans, is the latest, and to date the most egregious, example of government moving to control every aspect of our lives.

What are Americans who value their liberty to do?

Under our federalist system, the first line of defense against federal tyranny is state government.  Yet, here in Idaho, a supposedly “conservative state,” our “leaders” are missing in action.  The House, because they recessed, could be called back into session by Speaker Scott Bedke, to address this current crisis, but he’s refused mounting calls to do so… 



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