Getting to Know ‘Praying Medic’: An Interview with Dave Hayes

By Daniel Bobinski 

Watch the full interview here. (Also embedded below.)

Recently I had the opportunity to interview Dave Hayes, popularly known as ‘Praying Medic.’  In this “get to know you” interview, Hayes explains the overnight experience that turned him from being a staunch Darwinist who mocked Christians into being a believer in Jesus. Not long afterwards, Jesus showed him how to pray for people and heal them, which resulted in thousands of miraculous healings – and, at times, no small amount of embarrassment.

One of his first healings involved a woman who described the pain in her foot as a level 7 out of 10. She had been to the hospital earlier that day, but had been misdiagnosed. While she was in the ambulance getting ready for a second hospital visit, Hayes asked and got her permission to pray for her. As he put his hand near her foot and began praying, she put her hands in the air and said, “Praise the Lord, I’m healed!

Hayes said they still took her to the hospital. “We rolled her in on the gurney – literally she was screaming, ‘Praise the Lord, I’m healed.’ I could not get out of that hospital fast enough. I was mortified. I mean, bring somebody in and explain, ‘Well, she had 7 out of 10 pain in her foot, but I prayed for her and now she has no pain, so here. Can I get a signature? I gotta leave.'”

Hayes credits his wife with the idea of writing books. He had always been a paramedic, but his wife noticed that as soon as he came home from work he would sit at his computer and crank out articles. Hesitantly, he acted on her recommendation. Since that time, Hayes has written 20 books on a wide variety of topics.  After a few years, Hayes began making enough money on book sales that he retired from being a paramedic. In addition to writing, Hayes and his wife have a marketplace ministry, in which they pray for (and heal) people as they go about their day.

His two latest titles are Emergency Preparedness and Off-Grid Communication and Emotional Healing Made Simple. Other titles include God Speaks: Perspectives on Hearing God’s Voice, Divine Healing Made Simple, and A Kingdom View of Economic Collapse. Hayes also wrote a two-volume set on God working through his life, titled My Craziest Adventures With God.

Other topics discussed in this interview are the Q movement, corruption in government, the surveillance state, and Christian Nationalism.

Watch the entire interview with Praying Medic through this link, or watch it below.


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