Patriot Barbie – Fighting Heavy Handed Government Tactics

By Daniel Bobinski 

Watch the full interview here. (Also embedded below.)

When Covid hit, Lindsey Graham owned a hair salon in Oregon. She had 25 hairdressers working in her salon, but when the lockdowns came, her and her husband were hit hard financially. The government was issuing paychecks to her employees, but her and her husband owned six businesses, and those businesses required financial upkeep – but no finances were coming in.

After six weeks, Graham decided, “Enough!!” She announced she was re-opening her hair salon. Naturally, everyone who had been sucked into the “trust the science” cult called her selfish and a murderer. Multiple government agencies threatened to fine her tens of thousands of dollars each day. She read her contracts – she was breaking no laws.

When the Karens of the world began calling her a Trumpster and part of the MAGA Mafia, she decided to buy a Trump hat and post a selfie online. Leftists attempted to smear her, calling her Patriot Barbie. After she looked up the definitions, she decided it was a compliment – a beautiful woman who loves America.

She took the name and now wears it proudly.

Despite the death threats, the government threat – which included them threatening to take her children – and the loss of her businesses, Graham stood firm on her principles. And she says she would do it all again.

In this interview, Lindsay Graham (Patriot Barbie) explains her journey from being consumed with building a successful business to placing her trust completely in God for his provision and direction. She now speaks wherever she’s asked, telling her story and sharing her faith in God.

Graham is the author of TARGETED:  One Mom’s Fight for Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, which can be found at

Watch the entire interview with Praying Medic through this link, or watch it below.


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