Who are the Real Extremists, Haters, and Domestic Terrorists?

By Daniel Bobinski

Lawyers have made a sport out of seeing who is best at altering word definitions so they can win in court. To them, truth does not matter – only winning matters. Never mind what a person meant when he drafted a document, words are now twisted to mean what a speaker wants. In the case of Leftists, it means fitting an ideology.

Examples of this now fill our society. For instance, “separation of church and state” is a phrase now employed to mean the exact opposite of what Jefferson intended when he wrote it. That is especially troublesome when one realizes that the entire letter Jefferson wrote had the exact opposite position of what the courts now proclaim to be Constitutional law, and yet the lie persists.

Too many seeking power and control today don’t care. Truth be damned, they just want to win.

The past few years have seen an increase in the amount of word games put forth by those who want to wield power at the expense of truth. “Hate crimes” is one such term, and it’s dangerous because the phrase has so many derivatives. When former-President Bill Clinton promoted the phrase, it was clear to many prognosticators that a slippery slope had come to the fore.

And, as predicted, we now have terms like “hate groups” and “extremists” being assigned to anyone who stands in opposition to those who seek power at the expense of truth.  After all, if one is not within the Leftist mindset bell curve, then one is labeled as extreme by the power seekers. But sadder still is the ascribing of a motive (hate) simply for disagreeing.

Never let an emergency go to waste

People throw out the term “conspiracy theorist” whenever someone starts connecting dots that explain what is going on, but facts are facts. For example, Klaus Schwab and his band of elitists have been busy planning and organizing a global operation for decades. Don’t believe me? Take the initiative to find your favorite video platform and search for Schwab bragging about how so many from his school for young global leaders “have penetrated” so many governments around the world (his words, not mine). Then search for Schwab’s right hand, Yuval Noah Harari, who brags about how it will be the elites who decide how everyone should live. 

Facts are facts. These people have a plan, but they know they need to sway public opinion for their plan to succeed.

The release of the Sars-CoV-2 virus created a wonderful opportunity for those who seek such things. They were able to play out in real life what they practiced during Event 201, a test run in October of 2019 hosted by Bill Gates, the World Economic Forum (Klaus Schwab), and Johns Hopkins University. Even though Gates now denies the exercise occurred, we know one part of the day focused on how to manipulate public opinion.

I digress, but only to underscore that “the elite” know how to sway public opinion.

Despite groups like Black Lives Matter, “Antifa,” and other Leftists rioting to the tune of billions of dollars of damage, thousands of ruined lives, and scores of needless deaths, the propaganda media continues to apply the word “extremists” only to people on the right.

  • Shoot and kill a retired black police officer during a riot?  You’re expressing your outrage at being suppressed. 
  • Stand outside an abortion clinic and counsel people on their options?  You’re an extremist.
  • Burn down a police station in Minneapolis or Portland? You’re merely speaking the language of the oppressed.
  • Demand to learn how a Democrat received 100% of the vote in a precinct where you know Republican votes were cast?  You’re an extremist.

Those who seek to systematically dismantle our Constitutional government have become experts at making phrases into sound bites that sway public opinion. They don’t care if anything they say is true, they do it because they want power.

It’s Time to Play the Word Game

I’m not for the weaponization of labels, which is misapplying terms – however incorrectly – only for the sake of getting power. However, there’s no way on God’s green earth that Leftists will stop weaponizing them. They know it’s feelings that drive thoughts and thoughts that drive actions, so they twist the meaning of labels to sway opinions to suit their needs.

As conservatives, we believe that truth, by itself, should be sufficient. But words have meanings, and since feelings affect thoughts which then affect actions, conservatives need to use “labels,” too – just use them in a truthful way.

Therefore, people who consider themselves Constitutional conservatives – and by no means is the majority of the R party Constitutionally conservative – are hereby encouraged to use the Left’s favorite words, but do so in truthful ways:

  • Extremists are those who wish to dismantle our Constitutional form of government.
  • Hate groups are those who wish to eliminate the rights of free speech. 
  • Domestic terrorists are those who burn and loot when they don’t get their way.

In the rules of competitive debate, one of the first things taught is the need to establish definitions that align with the argument one wants to make. Therefore, when Leftists claim a murdering rioter is not a domestic terrorist, stand firmly on the truth: a murdering rioter who acts that way because he didn’t get his way IS a domestic terrorist. Don’t apologize. Don’t back down. Facts are facts. Don’t let Leftists rationalize their way to win at the expense of truth.

Just remember, one must be wise as a serpent but gentle as a dove. Use labels and phrases accurately and truthfully, but use them. Words have meanings, and those meanings sway public opinion. It’s just that, as ethical people, we must stand with the truth to sway people to the truth.

Phrases and labels cause us to have feelings for or against something, and those feelings affect our thoughts, which then affect our actions – which includes voting for or against something. The Left knows this, but they don’t care about truth, they care only about winning. Constitutional conservatives must continue to stand on truth, but unless they reach people “in the feels,” the truth won’t translate to votes.