The Karlyn Borysenko Interview: A Former Democrat Exposes Socialist Infiltration in America

By Daniel Bobinski 

Watch the full interview here. (Also embedded below.)

Dr. Karlyn Borysenko is an organizational psychologist, a knitter, and up until four years ago, she was a lifelong Democrat. In her daytime job, some of her workshops were on how to spot and prevent bullying. Ironically, she noticed something in her online knitting community. Anyone who held anything resembling a conservative viewpoint was ostracized, mocked, and cancelled.

She realized this was bullying, and it bothered her.

This was in 2020, and it was election season. Borysenko had just seen Joe Biden speak in her state of New Hampshire, and as a psychologist, she noticed he was not the same as he had been four years prior. Something was not right with him.

This, combined with all the online bullying she’d seen from leftists, got her curiosity up. Despite warnings from her friends, Borysenko attended a Trump rally. What she experienced was nothing like what she was expecting. People accepted her. They were kind and polite to her. She found they weren’t a gang of white male bigots – instead, they were a crowd of extremely diverse people who loved America.

These experiences led Borysenko to write an article outlining the chain of events. She published it on the website “Medium” and went to bed.

In no time her article went viral, and talking heads from around the country were clamoring to interview her.

I met Dr. Borysenko at CPAC 2020 in Washington DC, and during my interview with her there, she said she was impressed that diverse people were honored because of their commitment to America’s foundational values, not because of their skin color or their sexual preference.

‘Republicans’ Aren’t Always Conservative

In this interview, Borysenko says she’s noticed much more since 2020, and not all of it good. Perhaps most troubling, she’s seen many Republicans vote against legislation that would prevent Socialist ideology from becoming societal norms in this country. She says by doing so, they are enabling Socialist creep, thus allowing America to be deconstructed from within.

Borysenko also discovered that when she decided to join the Libertarian brand, conservatives turned against her, even though she’s working hard to expose how socialists are destroying America.

Thus, Borysenko jokes that she’s not prejudiced, she attacks everyone equally when she perceives that what they’re doing is detrimental to America.

Investigating Socialist infiltration

These days, Borysenko devotes much of her time to investigating and exposing how Socialists are worming their way into our culture and fundamentally changing our country. She’s written a book, titled “Actively Unwoke: The ultimate guide for fighting back against the woke insanity in your life.” She also produced a free-to-watch two-hour video titled “How to Speak Socialist.”  She believes it’s impossible to push back against Socialists unless one understands their language, and because Socialists have been operating in this country for 70 years, they run circles around conservatives.

In this interview, Borysenko says:

“[T]he far left [is] pushing critical race theory into schools, pushing it into organizations, [and] pushing gender ideology. Attacks on parents’ rights – all coming from the far left. Abolish the police – all coming from the far left.”

“There’s a lot of people on the right who think they understand what socialism is, who think they understand what Marxism is, who think they understand what they’re doing in the world. But what the left is actually doing and what the right thinks they’re doing are two completely different things.”

“The far left speaks in a coded language, and if you don’t understand what it is, you really don’t understand them.”

Borysenko says that Socialists have embedded themselves into America’s education colleges and teachers are immersed in Socialist ideology. Therefore, solving the Socialist problem in our schools will not happen in our lifetime.

School choice bills are not the answer

“People … think that school choice is going to solve this problem. It’s not going to solve the problem because the teacher pool is corrupted in the colleges of education. … The vast majority, like 90% of teachers, come out of colleges of education completely indoctrinated into a far-left ideology and they don’t know any different.

“It’s not only in public schools. There is a conference coming up in about a month of the National Association of Independent Schools. So, private schools. About a third of their conference is dedicated to DEI, critical race theory, and social emotional learning. There’s even a session that’s titled, ‘Doing DEI Without Making the News.’

Watch the entire interview with Dr. Karlyn Borysenko through this link, or watch it below.

Also check out her free two-hour course on How to Speak Socialist.


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