Protection Order Against North Idaho County Commissioner Remains In Place

This as article first appeared at RedoubtNews and is is a compilation of several witness statements. See the original article here.

By Shari Dovale

Commissioner Steven Bradshaw has had a protection order in place since August of last year, due to multiple verbal threats to shoot his colleague Commissioner Asia Williams. The judge found the evidence to be credible and placed the protection order in place for one year.

The order includes not being allowed to carry firearms in any county building and he is subject to law enforcement searches for concealed weapons.

But the Swearing Pastor Bradshaw doesn’t like having this order against him. Therefore, he filed for a protection order modification hearing, which took place on April 5, 2024, at the Bonner County Courthouse.

Through his attorney, Mauricio Cardona of the Davillier Law Group, Bradshaw argued that this was a political issue, and that the order was being practiced under “Domestic-Violence of Protection Order.”

Bradshaw also cited that he is running for office of County Sheriff and having this protection order in pace during his campaigning is just “Too Much.”

Keeping in mind that the attorney and the perpetrator are not the deciding arbitrators, Attorney Cardona actually tried to argue that “We no longer feel she is in danger.’

The judge was quick to respond, “because the protective order is in place!”

Attorney Cardona summed up that they want the canceling of the order, access to his office, and access to the employees.

When the judge wanted to hear from Mrs. Williams, Attorney Cardona attempted to use legal maneuvering against his opponent by objecting that documents from Williams were late and should not be allowed.

However, Williams prevailed in her argument that documents from Bradshaw’s records were also late, related to improper delivery. The judge allowed the records from both Williams and Bradshaw.

Mrs. Williams represented herself pro se in the hearing, citing multiple violations that Bradshaw had committed since the order had been in place.

Williams noted that Bradshaw has had no change in his demeanor with her since the initial threats, and that he did not deny the threats in the initial hearing. Additionally, Mr. Bradshaw on more than one occasion skirted the court order to submit to weapons searches.

Judge Julian did not fall for the arguments from Bradshaw and his attorney. He stated that he has no doubt that Bradshaw is being limited, “When you misbehave criminally and civilly, you ARE impacted!”

“Let the chips fall where they may,” the Judge declared.

Judge Julian further stated that Bradshaw made threats TWICE to shoot her, and that “it was coming back to bite him.”

Commissioner Williams succeeded in her argument and prevented Mr. Bradshaw from modifying or dismissing the protection order.


Shari Dovale is the editor at Redoubt News.  This article originally appeared at Redoubt News and is reprinted here with permission.


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