Lauren Walker Interview – Early February Update on Legislation in Idaho

In this interview, Lauren Walker discusses how she was asked to assume the helm at AssembleXIdaho, an online digital town square that happens weekly on the X platform (formerly Twitter).

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For several years, Lauren Walker has been very active in reporting on Idaho politics, and in this interview she brings us up to date one some of the high profile legislative items currently in the pipeline.  Topics include:

The fight is on in the Joint Finance Appropriation Committee (JFAC) for how budgets get passed in the state.

When Governor Brad Little first assumed the office, the state’s annual budget was $8.3 billion. Six years later it’s nearly $14 billion. Legislators are working to curtail pork spending, because Brad Little has never seen a tax dollar he didn’t like.

ALSO:  Walker discuses the history of what’s become known as “The Library Bill,” which would restrict access to what amounts to pornographic books to children. Proposed legislation would place those books in the adult section of libraries.  Contrary to the Leftist narrative that this would be a book ban, it’s simply keeping smut out of easy access to kids. And yet establishment Republicans and Democrats want kids to have easy access.

Interestingly, those who support kids having free access to smutty books in libraries want to restrict porn access to kids on their cell phones.  This is a slippery slope that could easily lead to governments restricting “misinformation” on cell phones, which would be defined by the government. Given the censorship of truthful information that ran counter to the government narrative during the Covid plannedemic, this should be a concern.

Medicaid is also a contentious issues at the statehouse, with Democrats and establishment Republicans voting to continuing out of control spending. Malfeasance has been discovered in Medicaid spending to the tune of more than $100 million, as the state is paying for people to be on the program that are not qualified to be on the program. Legislation has been proposed to clean up the problem, but Democrats and Establishment Republicans are sitting on it.

The state’s attorney general office has been asked to look into the problems, but left-leaning bureaucrats are claiming it’s a conflict of interest for an executive branch office (AG) to investigate another executive branch department (IDHW).

Walker also discussed how the new Transparent Idaho website can be used to search state government expenditures.  Bobinski and Walker discussed some of the different ways government agencies hide what they’re doing.

AssembleXIdaho is an online live townhall hosted by Lauren Walker each Wednesday evening at 7pm Mountain / 6pm Pacific. It can be found at


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