Are We Experiencing an Idaho Heist?

Op-Ed by Daniel Bobinski

The views and opinions expressed by contributors to True Idaho News do not necessarily reflect those of Shadowtrail Media, LLC, its founders, or owners.


It is important for Idahoans to know that statists seeking to implement what is now called the Great Reset appear different in different places, because each city, county, and state is unique.  To illustrate, let’s compare Colorado and Idaho.

Roughly 20 years ago, Colorado’s government was fairly evenly split between Republicans and Democrats. To wrest control, those on the far Left implemented what is now referred to as “The Rocky Mountain Heist.”  A movie was made by that name, which was based on the book, “The Blueprint: How the Democrats Won Colorado.” Both the movie and the book outline the aggressive and deceptive methods used by Leftists to take over that state.

People who want our Constitution to be the law of the land need to be aware of what their opponents are doing. Therefore, I highly recommend that Constitutionalists read that book, watch the movie, or both.

The result of The Blueprint succeeding in Colorado?  Statist policies and laws that run counter to the freedoms espoused by our country’s founders now permeate that state.  Here are just a few:

The far-leftist infiltration into Colorado’s Democrats worked because the state had a relatively equal number of D’s and R’s. But in Idaho, the balance leans heavily Republican. According to the Idaho Secretary of State’s office, in 2020 we had 112,411 registered Democrats and 439,906 Republicans.  That’s about a 4:1 advantage for Republicans.

With those numbers, elitists favoring more government control in Idaho gain little ground working through Democrats. Instead, they need to work through Republicans. And that’s exactly what they’re doing.


“Republicans” who say one thing but do another

To populate Idaho Republicans with statist politicians, the practice of Gaslighting is heavily used. For those unfamiliar with the term, Psychology Today defines Gaslighting as “an insidious form of manipulation and psychological control.”  Their definition continues:

Victims of gaslighting are deliberately and systematically fed false information that leads them to question what they know to be true, often about themselves. They may end up doubting their memory, their perception, and even their sanity. Over time, a gaslighter’s manipulations can grow more complex and potent, making it increasingly difficult for the victim to see the truth.

How does that play out in Idaho? Gaslighting occurs when those seeking more state control and creating government programs openly call themselves “conservatives.”

But it gets worse. It’s not enough for these Judas conservatives to gaslight voters about their conservative bona fides. They also smear as “extremists” those who truly are conservatives … people who want limited government and maximized personal liberty.

They deceitfully paint “liberty legislators” as “Libertarians,” and then attempt to smear them by ascribing left-wing Libertarian positions to them. One common accusation is that Idaho’s truly conservative legislators are “Libertarians who want to legalize drugs in this state.” Nothing is further from the truth.


A Litmus Test Exists

For those who wonder who qualifies as real Republicans, I first refer you to the state’s Republican Party Platform.  This document is compiled and updated at the Republican State Convention every two years, when delegates from around the state give input and vote on the final wording.

With that being the guiding document for what it means to be a Republican in Idaho, all one needs to do is compare a person’s positions and voting record to the principles laid out in the party platform.

  • People whose stances line up with the platform qualify as Republicans.
  • People whose stances do not line up – well, whatever they are, they are not Republicans, no matter what kind of gaslighting they try to pull.

The danger in Idaho is statists who play on the people’s trust. Some “Republicans” in our state call themselves conservative when they are regularly supported by the Idaho 97% Group – a known radical left-wing organization.

One “Republican” leader in our state has a Freedom Index Score of 29.6%, a mere 0.3% higher than the Democrat minority leader in his particular chamber of the legislature. With Republicans like that, who needs Democrats?

One might wonder how he gets away with calling himself a conservative. Well, he gives himself that label because he votes pro-life and pro-2A. It’s sad, but too many voters think that’s enough to qualify. He calls people “extremists” if they vote for limited government, then every two years he puts on his grandfatherly demeanor, tells people he’s the conservative choice, and gets re-elected.


The bottom line

In summary, statists who want top-down, authoritarian rule can pull it off in other places through the Democrat party.  But that won’t work in Idaho, so statists have to work through the Republican party. To hide their true colors, they gaslight the population while they vote like Democrats on many issues.

We’re now one month into the 2023 legislative session and the so-called Republicans in Idaho’s House of Representatives are showing us who they are. Take a look at this picture and review the names in green. These House members voted for HB 24, a huge new government program with a huge increase in government spending that flies in the face of conservatism.

The vote is fairly even – just like the Democrats and Republicans in Colorado some 20+ years ago.

House Bill 24 has now been sent to the Idaho Senate. Will conservative Republicans prevail, or will statists masquerading as Republicans take the day?

Unless true conservatives in Idaho develop a plan for stopping the statist infiltration of the state’s Republican party, it won’t be long until an Idaho heist movie will need to be made.


Daniel Bobinski hosts the Keep the Republic radio show, the Keep the Republic TV show, and is editor-in-chief of True Idaho News. 

The views and opinions expressed by contributors to True Idaho News do not necessarily reflect those of Shadowtrail Media, LLC, its founders, or owners.