Today’s Healing America – Medical Truth Symposium in Boise to be Aired Live on BrighteonTV

On Saturday, October 2, a one-day gathering in Boise titled the Healing America / Medical Truth Symposium will be held at Foothills Church. Tickets to the event sold rapidly (more than 500 were sold), and organizers received many inquiries about livestreaming possibilities. The event’s organizers have worked with Mike Adams’s team at Brighteon and the technical staff at Foothills church, and are proud to announce that the entire symposium will be livestreamed for free on Brighteon.TV.

See the promo here:

Winston Sanders, founder of ConservativesOf, which is presenting the symposium, says he’s excited that Brighteon is airing the event.  “It’s a great platform,” Sanders said. “No registration is required, and there’s no cost to watch. People just go to Brighteon.TV and click the ‘Live Event’ image at the top of the screen.  It’s that simple.”

Sanders also says Saturday’s event has three overarching but unified themes: medical truth, societal shifts, and spiritual warfare. “All of these are interconnected,” said Sanders. “Our health, our society, our spiritual life, it’s all part of who we are.”

Daniel Bobinski, who will emcee the event, said, “There’s a struggle for voices of reason to be heard in the media today. It’s become pretty obvious that both social media and the mainstream media are suppressing discussion of what doctors are discovering. This symposium is a way for that information to be heard.”

Brighteon.TV provides scheduled live programs Monday through Friday, featuring hosts such as Alan Keyes, Stew Peters, Ann Vandersteel, and Clay Clark. Brighteon’s founder, Mike Adams, agreed to air Saturday’s symposium. Adams started in 2018 as a YouTube alternative after he was banned from the YouTube platform.

To watch the symposium live, visit www.Brighteon.TV, and click the “Live Event” image at the top of the screen. There is no cost and no registration is needed.

Those wishing to donate to ConservativesOf for hosting the event can use the organization’s donate page at


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