The Idaho Legislature Has Been Strangely Silent About the Upcoming Global Pandemic Treaty

The Idaho legislature has been strangely silent about the imminent danger posed by the adoption of the Pandemic Treaty being proffered by the World Health Organization and the World Economic Forum (read the WEF’s article on the treaty here).

This treaty is being promoted by large pharmaceutical corporations and organizations (such as the WEF) seeking top-down authoritarian rule, and it threatens the sovereignty of the United States, and by default, Idaho.

How are they selling this treaty? One tactic is to call it an agreement instead of a treaty.  The U.S. Constitution mandates that the Senate approve all treaties with a 2/3 vote, and despite the amount of corruption in the Senate, that body is unlikely to generate enough support.

Proponents are also saying the “agreement” will “improve global equity” and avoid the mistakes made during Covid-19.

Side note – are they admitting our illustrious experts made mistakes during Covid-19?

The treaty is set to be adopted at the end of May during the WHO General Assembly. At question: Why are Idaho’s lawmakers not paying attention to this ultra-significant issue? If the treaty is adopted, it will result in countries losing their sovereignty, and it will result in Idaho becoming subservient to authoritarians who will cast unilateral rules across our state.

The treaty will mandate that all participating countries follow the dictates of the WHO, and it even gives the WHO the right to define what is or is not a pandemic. They have even included the “climate crisis” in their scope, so if the WHO declares a climate crisis pandemic, all participating countries will be obligated to follow the WHO dictates, no matter how irrelevant.

As a state, Idaho has the opportunity to enact laws to prevent Idahoans from being obligated to follow the dictates of the World Health Organization.  But what do we hear from Idaho’s elected officials?


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