St. Luke’s is Being Deceptive; KMVT in the Magic Valley Aids in the Deception

On January 14, KMVT/KSVT reported that “St. Luke’s Magic Valley has reached capacity in the ICU and cannot accept transfers from other hospital facilities for patients needing ICU care.” What St. Luke’s failed to state, and what KMVT failed to investigate and report, is the true capacity of ICU at St. Luke’s Magic Valley. Here’s the truth. 30 beds are available, and as of Sunday, only 11 beds were in use. Eight in ICU, and three in IMCI.

True Idaho News was contacted by a medical doctor who spoke on the condition of anonymity. The doctor said, “This is not Covid and it’s not a bed shortage – This is a staffing issue. I can’t believe the propaganda and lies. I hate this so much.”

The doctor went on to say, “No one holds St. Luke’s accountable. The implication is that we don’t have beds because of Covid. The average person is going to think that. The truth is we have plenty of beds, but [St. Luke’s] fired all the nurses who wouldn’t get a jab. So now they are they short-staffed, and because they don’t haven enough employees, they are deceiving the people.”

In addition to the deception from St. Luke’s Magic valley, KMVT, the FOX affiliate in Twin Falls, either failed to ask or failed to report the actual number of beds that exist in the St. Luke’s Magic Valley ICU verses the number of beds their staffing levels could handle.

“Eleven beds with people in them is hardly ‘at capacity,'” said the doctor, “so KMVT is being just as deceptive as St. Luke’s is.”

Residents of Idaho deserve to to know the truth of what’s happening. Deception from the health care industry and deception from the media are not components of a free society.


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