Parents Beware: Critical Race Theory Originates in Marxism

Op-Ed by Hazafi Polgár

There’s a way of looking at the world called “Critical Theory,” and it’s rapidly making its way from University classrooms to Kindergarten classrooms.

The origins of this method of thinking originate in a Marxist think tank, so naturally it has a component of class warfare. After all, that is what Marx was all about. Pit people against each other and stir up jealousy so you have a motivated group of people who will support your agenda.  The problem is that, in America, people can move from lower to middle to upper class, just by applying themselves, so most Americans don’t care about class warfare.

Therefore, for Marxists to gain a foothold in America, they needed a different way to divide us and pit people against each other. Enter Critical Theory. Essentially, it’s a heady, politically correct term for Cultural Marxism, and it is now part of many educational programs.

Critical Theory got its foothold in the 60’s and was promoted in Universities in the 1970s, because the Marxists who already found employment in those institutions promoted Critical Theory as a valid research method.  From there it migrated to high schools. And now, even elementary schools, kindergartens, and pre-schools are teaching Critical Theory.

In simple terms, Critical Theory means looking at the world through the eyes of the oppressed as if it were the only way to look at the world.  The problem is it perpetuates a victim mentality, because whatever you focus on, you get more of it.

What we hear most of these days is Critical Race Theory, because it’s easy to divide people by the color of their skin. Look at any news site and you’ll see stories about racism and inherent bias. It’s ubiquitous.

What happened to judging people by the content of their character?  Remember being taught that in school? They don’t teach that anymore.

Critical Race Theory teaches that racism is everywhere, and that being white is bad. No good white people exist unless they express guilt and anguish over the fact that God made them white. And even then, they’re still bad.

Rather than try to minimize racial differences, those who promote CRT magnify those differences. Everywhere you look, Marxists claim that people are racist merely because they have white skin. This, in itself, is racist to make such an assumption. If you realize what’s going on, you recognize all of this as brainwashing. Tragically, people are afraid to disagree with this propaganda out of fear of being labeled a racist.

And, no matter what you do, you cannot win. If you try to have a discussion with someone about this, they say you’re not allowed to talk about it. And if you say nothing, you’re also guilty. One of their sayings now is, “White silence is violence.” You just can’t win. Do parents really want their children being taught this Marxist mindset?

Perhaps the most insane of all is saying that math, science, and logic are tools for white supremacists to maintain their power. Unbelievably, even law schools and some “Christian” universities and seminaries have bought into this insanity. All because they don’t want be labeled racist, by those who are, in fact, practicing racism.

When the Smithsonian Institute teaches that having a nuclear family, staying married, being on time, and using proper English are racist in nature, you know the Marxist propaganda has taken a foothold.

The best way to fight this nonsense is to not play their game. You are not a racist if you have black or brown skin. You are not a racist just because you have white skin. But if you start believing this nonsense, then you’re giving a victory to the Marxists. Stand firm on principle. Do not play this Marxist game. And parents, it’s well past time to insist that your school boards remove all Critical Theory from your schools.

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