O’Keefe Suspended; GOP City Council Members Murdered, and the Gabriel Rench Interview

In the first half of the Keep the Republic show for February 9, host and True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski reviews the suspension of James O’Keefe from Project Veritas, the shooting deaths of several Republican city council members the past few weeks, the lying executives at Twitter, and AOC — who doesn’t think election interference is a big deal.


Watch the show here:


In the second half of the show Daniel plays part of his interview with Gabriel Rench, one of the people arrested in September of 2020 for not wearing a face mask and standing too close to his friend. A US judge recently cleared all who were arrested, saying the City of Moscow, Idaho was WAY out of line and the people should never have been arrested.

Daniel’s complete interview with Gabriel Wrench, which includes a transcript of the interview, can be found here.

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