New Idaho-Based TV Show, The Voice of Conservative Values, Premiers on BrighteonTV

On Thursday, Sept 2, True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski launched his new TV show, The Voice of Conservative Values, on Brighteon.TV (show embedded below). The show is part of the Brighteon.TV rollout of 35 new shows, and airs each Thursday at 2pm mountain time, 1pm pacific.

I’m blessed to be listed among hosts like Alan Keyes, Mike Adams, Pastor Greg Locke, Stew Peters, Clay Clark, and Amy Vandersteel,” Bobinski said. “What’s great is this is Brighteon, not YouTube. We can say what needs to be said without fear of being censored.”

Bobinski’s first guest was supposed to be New York Times bestselling author Dr. Judy Mikovits, but technical difficulties prevented Mikovits from getting on. “When we couldn’t connect with Judy, we had to get creative real fast. This is live TV,” Bobinski said.

The fix involved having Wendi Strauch Mahoney, an investigative journalist with UncoverDC, stay on for the entire first half of the show. “The new format is to have an UncoverDC journalist on each week for the first five minutes,” Bobinski said. “They’re going to give us the highlights of the the hot stories over at UncoverDC that week. When we couldn’t connect with Judy, I asked Wendi if she could stay on for the whole first segment. She did, and she did great.”

During the second half of the hour-long show, Bobinski discussed his latest Op-Ed for True Idaho News, pointing out how Idaho’s current “state of emergency” isn’t about a virus, but rather that citizens are not being told about effective early treatment measures, and how people are dying needlessly as a result.

Mikovits later contacted Bobinski and rescheduled for September 16.

Other guests scheduled to be on the Voice of Conservative Values this month are UncoverDC founder and editor Tracy Beanz (Sept 9), Dr. Ryan Cole (Sept 23), and Trevor Loudin (Sept 30).  Viewers wanting to watch live can simply visit Brighteon.TV.   A running archive of all Brighteon shows also appears on that site. Viewers wanting to follow The Voice of Conservative Values TV show can subscribe to the show’s Rumble channel.

Radio Show

Bobinski also hosts a half-hour Voice of Conservative Values radio show on KBXL, 94.1 FM in Idaho’s Treasure Valley. The show airs each Saturday morning at 8:00. People outside the Treasure Valley can listen live using the station’s “Listen Live” link, or they can access the show’s archives on the radio station’s website.


View the Brighteon.TV premier here:


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