Keep the Republic: Protocols for early Covid treatment, and DHS targeting American Citizens

On the February 10 Keep the Republic TV show (view it here), show host and True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski interviewed Dr. Karladine Graves to discuss early Covid treatment. He also spoke with UncoverDC investigative journalist Wendi Strauch Mahoney to discuss how the Department of Homeland Security is now using taxpayer dollars to target Americans.

in the first segment, Bobinski discussed multiple over-the-counter vitamins and supplements that doctors recommend for combatting colds and flu – and also Covid-19. Following that he was joined by Dr. Karladine Graves to further explore the role of vitamins and supplements in treating Covid. Dr. Graves has been a specialist in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine and Family Medicine since 1975, and has been very outspoken about the lack of treatment protocols offered by the CDC and FDA.

Graves underscored the necessity for early treatment when one senses cold symptoms coming on, saying too many people think they’ve simply caught a cold when what they really have is Covid. She agreed with Bobinski’s statement where he said getting certain vitamins and supplements in the body within six hours of first noticing symptoms is important.

Wuhan Lab and DHS Propaganda

Following that, Bobinski was joined by UncoverDC’s Wendy Strauch Mahoney and they discussed several of Mahoney’s recent journalistic pieces.  One is titled EcoHealth Alliance: Whistleblower Exposes Corruption, in which Mahoney tells the story of Andew Huff, a former executive at EcoHealth, which is at the center of Anthony Fauci’s connection with the Wuhan research lab in China. Mahoney explains Huff’s role on his company’s leadership team and how they were involved in the Wuhan lab working on gain-of-function research for what we now call Covid-19.

The two also spent time discussing Mahoney’s groundbreaking article on how the Department of Homeland Security is working with the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Agency (CISA). Their goal is to target America’s younger population using agitation propaganda. Mahoney’s article, titled DHS Attacks American Citizens Using Terrifying Tax Payer Funded Propaganda Campaign, provides links to government websites where they explicitly state that those exposing what is going on are seeking to undermine public trust in government could be considered domestic terrorists. CISA is also creating a series of graphic novels for younger Americans, planting seeds of distrust and disdain for people who don’t trust the U.S. Government.

Keep the Republic is a live weekly show on Brighteon.TV at 4pm eastern / 2pm mountain. The Feb. 10 show with Dr. Graves and Wendi Strauch Mahoney can be seen on the Brighteon.TV channel archives, and can also be viewed here:

 Also, Bobinski’s interview with Dr. Zelenko is the most viewed episode among his podcasts. In that interview, Zelenko tells the entire story of how he came across hydroxychloroquine, how he contacted President Trump, and how deep state operatives in the Trump Administration sabotaged its use. Listen to / view the podcast here. The show can also be viewed here:


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