Jim Woodward Used to be in the Idaho Senate – It Should Stay That Way

Editorial by Daniel Bobinski

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If you live in Idaho, perhaps you’ve seen social media ads announcing that Jim Woodward is attempting to run for the state senate again (District 1). What’s surprising – or not so surprising – is that Woodward knows he’s can’t get elected again in the Republican party unless he has help from the Democrats.

Notice, on Woodwards website, he specifically tells visitors how many days they have left to change their party affiliation to Republican.


He also does this on his Social Media advertising.


Some Idahoans might not be aware of why Jim Woodward lost his senate seat back in 2020.  It’s because he got an “F” rating on the Idaho Freedom Index.



That’s pretty bad.

This means that on a regular basis, Jim Woodward voted to increase the state’s power over Idaho citizens and to restrict or outright eliminate their liberties.

SIDE NOTE for Jim Woodward: If you’re wondering why you got dropped from the Senate in the first place, it’s because Idahoans who care about freedom gave your voting record a big fat “F.”


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