If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck … Sage Dixon’s Duplicity Exposed

Guest Editorial By Shari Dovale

Editor’s note: Representative Sage Dixon (R-Dist.1) has been videotaped saying he would vote for Grocery Tax Repeal – and then three days later he didn’t.  In this piece, you will find that Dixon has a pattern of telling his constituents one thing yet doing another. Bottom line: Sage Dixon can no longer be believed. We agree with the author’s conclusion: it is time District 1 find a better representative.

If someone claimed to be pro-life but authored an article that promoted Planned Parenthood and said they liked how PP handled women’s healthcare, they would be called a RINO Baby-killer, at the very least.

You cannot support a Leftist Organization and not expect to be labeled a Leftist.

A recent article in the Washington Free Beacon called out a Democrat Senate candidate that took money from a group that promotes ‘Defunding the Police’ and ‘Abolishing ICE.’  The title: Wisconsin Dem Takes Far-Left Group’s Money But Claims He Doesn’t Support Their Policies

Does this guy really believe that no one sees through his charade? Everyone knows from the get-go that he is all for the Far-Left Radical policies and he is a far-left Radical!

Insulting the intelligence of the American people is not going to win any points, or votes. We are not stupid. If it walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then heavens to murgatroyd, It is a Duck!

And so it goes with Sage Dixon, who’s been representing Idaho’s very conservative District 1. Dixon is running for reelection and is facing a strong challenger, Christian Conservative Todd Engel.

Dixon Focused on Big Government

Dixon has partnered with the Leftist Think Tank ‘The American Legislative Exchange Council’ (ALEC). This organization calls themselves ‘nonpartisan’ (which really means that they take money from both sides of the aisle), and on their website they even seem like they promote conservative principles. Until you look deeper, and then you see how radical they really are.

  • ALEC promotes the rewriting the US Constitution

Dixon has said that he is against an Article V Convention of the States (Con-Con), but this is one of ALEC’s CORE Principles. They have geared much of their organization around this Con Job called a Con-Con, with which Dixon cannot simply say he does not agree, and leave it at that.

State Rep. Sage Dixon, seated center, huddles with other members of the Idaho Legislature’s delegation to planning an Article V Convention at the Arizona Capitol in Phoenix on Sept. 12, 2017. (AP Photo/Bob Christie)

An Article V Convention is just another political term for wanting to destroy the US Constitution and rewrite it according to their needs and wishes. Dixon says he is not in favor of rewriting the Constitution, yet he has attended at least one of their practice Conventions. The photo here shows Dixon and other legislators attending the 2017 ALEC Article V Convention in Arizona.

Dixon’s explanation for attending was to say that he was there as the ‘voice of the opposition.’ That explanation, however, tells us he was helping ALEC overcome any challenges and obstacles they may run across, therefore he is still advancing their objectives.

If Dixon pretends to not support an Article V Convention, then he should explain why he recently hosted a luncheon in Boise to – yes, you guessed it – promote an Article V Convention!

Dixon seems to have learned the art of speaking out of both sides of his mouth. Too many voters now think he should stop trying to convince people of this fairy tale and own this, for it belongs to him.

Dixon should stop trying to rewrite the Constitution and reread it instead!

  • ALEC promotes mandatory vaccines

People should also read Behind the Push for Mandatory Vaccines. The article explains in more depth the nefarious doings of the members of ALEC, of which Dixon is a prominent member, as we will explain below. From mandating the ‘New Normal’ for your health, including not seeing your doctor in person and demanding Telehealth visits, to promoting Covid Vaccines.

From their website:

As Americans are hoping to return to life as normal, based on the evidence, COVID-19 vaccines play a major role in preventing cases in general and, at the very least, reducing the severity of them. Vaccines give many Americans confidence to resume activities that had been halted in 2020, as states locked down their communities. How the COVID vaccines are being allocated and administered is important in each state.

ALEC, and their new feathered friend Sage Dixon, are promoting this lack of personalized care because it’s being promoted by their partners, Big Pharma and other national healthcare groups. Among the current and past corporate memberships for ALEC are:

Dixon has said that he does not support ALECs push for mandatory vaccines, yet he still takes their money quite willingly. Some of Dixon’s largest donations come from the Pharmaceutical and Medical fields, and several can be counted as members of ALEC. Some of Dixon’s donors include:

Dixon insists these companies give to him without any expectation of Quid Pro Quo or an equal exchange. These companies are multi-million, or multi-billion-dollar conglomerates because they know how to spend their money. They know where to invest to get back the biggest bang for their buck.

Another insult to the intelligence of Americans is for anyone to claim that these companies do not expect something in return for their money. Why haven’t they given to every legislator? Because they know who will help them with the votes they need.

Dixon has also said that he does not care about any conflict of interest from the companies that donate to him. In other words, Dixon believes that it is up to the donor companies to decide if there would be a conflict of interest in giving him money. He will not consider it, as he is fine with everyone giving him money.

This begs the question of whether he would take money from Black Lives Matter, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) or even CHINA? Would that bother him? Does he care if it would bother his constituents? Probably not, as he does not seem to care now.

Despite saying he doesn’t agree with their policies, Dixon has continued to rise in the ranks of ALEC. He has gone from the Public Chair of their Federalism and International Relations Committee, to the Idaho State Chair and now even further, as he has been appointed to the Board of Directors for ALEC.

This would certainly explain his policy of taking money from anywhere he can. If ALEC will partner with both sides of the aisle, then it stands to reason that their new Golden Boy will do so as well. He can play ‘Nonpartisan’ all he wants, but he won’t gather a lot of votes in North Idaho with that attitude.

Nonetheless, being appointed to ALEC’s Board of Directors is certainly a coup for Dixon and something worth fighting for. Oh Wait! Have we just stumbled upon the reason that Dixon does not care about the Leftist Radicals and Medical Tyranny conglomerates that run as equal partners to him within ALEC?

Dixon admits to liking a career in politics and also states he would not turn down a leadership role. He has become the establishment hack that he claimed to be fighting against. His friend “Scott” (House Speaker Scott Bedke for all the minions) has taught him well and Dixon has proven that he will do whatever it takes to continue his rise in the political sphere.

To recap, Dixon brags about being an Anti-Vaxxer, but he is not about to bite the hand that feeds him and stand up for your rights to not get vaxxed.  His cronies are all about mandates and forced vaccinations, and Dixon is all about maintaining the Status Quo for his benefit.

Dixon knows that his constituents are against the Con Job called a Con-Con, and he pretends to be against it as well.  But, again, if he voted like he talks he would have to contradict his new Sugar Daddy, the cronies at ALEC, and Dixon is not about to do that.  You have a right to believe that your elected representative should be fighting for you, but Dixon has learned the ways of the establishment, and he will certainly ignore you in favor of them.

Dixon’s voting record is poor for a Conservative legislator. This is just more proof that he has given up on the average constituent, and now votes for his new base: the Old Guard.

If you run with Leftists, then you are a Leftist.

If It walks Like a Duck, and quacks like a Duck, then it is a Duck!

It is time to replace Sage Dixon!

(Editor’s note: Dixon’s Freedom Index score shows plainly that he has taken a decidedly leftist / statist turn.)

Dixon has a “F” rating from the Idaho Freedom Index for 2022

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