Idaho’s New State Republican Chair: The Dorothy Moon Interview!

The special guest on the latest TIN podcast is Dorothy Moon – the new chair of Idaho’s Republican Party! Dorothy gives hosts Daniel Bobinski and Josh Gibbons her perspective on the recent Republican state convention. She says this was the most fun convention she’s attended in Idaho. Not only because she was elected chair, but because of the electricity that was in the air.

“It was just explosive,” Moon told Bobinski. “There was just a lot of love in that room.”

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Moon said this was a “first convention” for over half of the attendees, and they were excited to be the voice for the people.

In this show, Moon shares her vision for the Party moving forward, and how she wants to unite the party.

After the interview with Moon, Josh Gibbons gave his take on what he experienced at the convention, and both him and Bobinski discussed several of the issues that convention delegates discussed and debated.