Highway 16 Construction is Connecting Star/Hwy 44 with the Interstate

People driving in west Ada County / east Canyon County are seeing the last few years of a decades-long plan come to reality. Projected to be completed in the fall of 2025, the extension of Highway 16 will create a freeway between Highway 44 and Interstate 84.

The highway expansion will provide a much-needed north-south route in one of Idaho’s most populous areas, alleviating traffic congestion on north-south surface streets such as Eagle and Ten Mile roads.


Construction to extend Highway 16 from State Route 44 to Chinden Road (Highway 20/26) began in 2012 and was completed in 2014. The current phase of construction will extend the road to the Interstate.

Travelers on the 1-84 Interstate can already see the ramps and bridges being built just east of the Idaho Ford Center in Nampa, with other ramps being constructed at Ustick and Highway 20/26 (Chinden Road) between Black Cat Road and Star Road.  Currently, Highway 16 coming out of Emmett stops at Highway 20/26, but that termination point will become a bridge that goes over 20/26.  Ramps are being built this year, the bridge will be built next year.


Due to its close proximity to the upcoming I-16 / Ustick interchange, McDermott Road will be moved a quarter mile to the east for a half mile extending north and south of Ustick.

Many residents of Emmett in Gem County are expecting the city to experience substantial growth after Highway 16 is completed, as the new road will enable a straight shot to the town from 1-84.


Photos courtesy of Idaho Transportation Department


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