Exposing Fraud, Medical Malpractice, and Negligent Homicide, Part 1

By Daniel Bobinski

Traditional media is turning a blind eye to the atrocities occurring in our hospitals, but people are asking that the truth be revealed. This is the first in a series of stories that will be appearing in True Idaho News from people asking for the word to get out about what’s really going on. Stories have been verified before printing.


Negligent homicide is a legal term, and it applies when a person kills someone due to acts of gross negligence. The story you are about to read is real. It is one of many that have been sent my way—some from doctors who want the truth to be told but can’t afford to get fired, and some from the patients’ family members. In this story, you will see medical fraud as well as medical malpractice. And, in my opinion, events like what you are about to read also enter the realm of negligent homicide.

Formerly reputable medical organizations have decided that Ivermectin is dangerous, but guess what? They can’t prove it. With intellectual honesty strangely tossed aside, these organizations have turned a blind eye to the many scientific papers showing the efficacy of Ivermectin in treating Covid. If Ivermectin is so bad, why are leading healthcare officials in countries like Japan and Bangladesh recommending its use?

Ivermectin has been prescribed nationwide in Bangladesh since June of 2020, and the country’s population is twice that of Germany, which discourages the drug’s use. Compare for yourself: Germany has 636 Covid deaths per million people, but Bangladesh has only 49 per million.

Tragically, most hospitals in America, Australia, and Western Europe are refusing to administer this drug that is on the World Health Organization’s list of Essential Medicines. Even when given liability waivers, hospital doctors are refusing to let dying patients take Ivermectin, despite “Right to Try” laws.

What would you call it when a doctor refuses to give a person life-saving medication and the patient dies?

Consider the following story. And please note, the woman who sent this story requested her name not be used due to pending litigation.

>> <<

Our family went to a group function this summer, and afterward, nine people came down sick. My husband and son were the first to start displaying symptoms, but we all thought they just had colds. Then, over the next several days, the other seven started having cold-like symptoms, too. Several were tested and all the results were positive for COVID.

After being symptomatic for eight days, my husband first, and two days later my son, had to be taken to the hospital as their oxygen levels dropped into the 70s.

We quickly got prescriptions of Ivermectin and Budesonide for the other seven individuals. Each was treated at home, and all seven completely recovered in relatively short order. None had to be hospitalized, even though one of those individuals, like my husband, was diabetic.

My husband and son were put in the ICU a few doors away from each other, but I was not allowed to visit them. I called during every nurse’s shift and went over all the medicines that were being given. I talked with the treating doctors and nurses several times each day and asked that my husband and son be given Ivermectin. Every doctor refused. I sent them printed data of the benefits of Ivermectin and the studies showing that Ivermectin was helping with COVID. I pleaded for their help daily. One doctor became angry at me for even asking. The others reviewed the material but refused.

Instead, both my husband and my son were given an experimental drug that they had both verbally refused. I had not been consulted before this drug was administered, even though both my husband’s and son’s Durable Medical Powers of Attorney gave me the final decision on medical treatments and procedures. That drug, given without my consent, cost $10,000 for each shot. I found this out three days after the shot was given, after prying the information out of a staff member.

At no point was I allowed to fully advocate for my husband and son, and I did not receive full disclosures when I asked for updates each day.

One day I received a phone call from an “on-call” doctor who told me that I should call my friends and family and tell them to get vaccinated because if my husband had done so he wouldn’t be there fighting for his life. When I spoke to my husband later that day and asked how he was doing, he said he was doing okay until a new doctor came in and picked a fight with him about not having been vaccinated, and she continued to harass him about his personal choices even though he was struggling to breathe. It was the same doctor who had called me earlier that day. I asked for her to be removed from the care of my family.

My son and husband told all hospital staff very clearly from the very first day that they did not ever want to be on a ventilator. Still, they were harassed and pressured by most of the nurses, doctors, and staff that entered their rooms. They were told that if they didn’t agree to the ventilator they would have cardiac arrests. All sorts of scare tactics were used to try to persuade them, and I, too, was lectured and harassed on the phone. They also harassed me about it in person when I took bags of notes and pictures to the hospital for them. This harassment started the day they were admitted and continued the entire time they were there.

I started searching for legal help four days after my husband was admitted.

One week after my husband’s admittance, they convinced him that he had to go on a ventilator. He was not thinking clearly at that time and was totally on his own as I was denied any input. He was using the hospital-provided iPad to talk with me, but as we were discussing the situation the hospital iPad shut off and the call was dropped. Later that day he was put on a ventilator.



Right after that a nurse called and said I really needed to have my son put on a ventilator also, even though he appeared to be healing and had not even yet seen a pulmonologist. I said no. Still, my son was put on the ventilator the next day, even though he repeatedly refused it. They scared him so badly by telling him that he would die if he didn’t agree to it, so he finally acquiesced because he didn’t want to die. A few hours after intubation, they called me and told me he wasn’t doing well and probably wouldn’t make it. They were looking at transporting him to Utah, but thankfully he started to improve an hour later. He was able to come off the ventilator after seven days.

My husband took a turn for the worse and I was told there wasn’t much they could do. I called a hospital in Houston, Texas, where they follow the recommended protocol of the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC). That hospital was willing to transport my husband there, but my husband’s hospital refused to transport him. I spoke with each doctor that came on rotation, again sent them articles about Ivermectin, and continued to beg them to give it to my husband and son, especially as nothing they were doing was working. They refused every time I asked. I even went to the hospital and hand-delivered information to the treating doctor and gave him a signed Release of Liability with the Ivermectin prescription already filled, along with a note from our personal physician authorizing its administration. The doctor still refused.

I finally found legal counsel to help me, and they worked day and night to get the paperwork ready so that we could file an emergency injunction against the hospital. My attorney called the hospital attorneys and told them the situation and that my husband’s life was hanging on a thread. They said they would call back within the hour. They never called. The following morning as we were getting ready to file with the courts, my husband took a drastic turn for the worse. He could not recover, and he passed away the next morning. That dropped iPad call was the last time that I ever spoke with him.

One night, after I was finally able to visit with my son, we were walking his “laps” around the halls and we saw a man gasping for breath in his room. No one was with him and there was no blanket on him. Two nurses were in the hall just outside his room and I heard one said to the other, “Do you think he is about dead yet?” The other nurse laughed. I looked at the nurse and gave her a stern, hard stare. The next lap around, I saw that one of the nurses had gone in and put a blanket on the man and was standing by him. The man died a few hours later.

My son was released four days later and I took him home. He is healing physically, but the mental and emotional trauma of his ordeal is harder to heal from. He has survivor’s guilt on top of all the trauma the hospital staff put him through.

My husband’s life could have been saved, but the hospital administration and staff took away all of my rights—and his. They would not allow me to fully advocate and make choices that would have helped him.

COVID did not kill my husband; the hospital protocols did.

>> <<

We could analyze this story and find much the hospital did that was morally, ethically, and legally wrong, but allow me to offer my opinion on just three specifics:

  • Forcing people to pay for $10,000 products administered without their consent is fraud. It’s also unethical, and a violation of informed consent laws.
  • Mentally and emotionally bullying someone onto a ventilator when it is clearly against the will of someone who holds a Durable Power of Attorney is medical malpractice.
  • Refusing a “Right to Try” option, especially with a legal liability waiver, with a drug that has multiple scientific papers showing its efficacy in treating a disease—and having a person die as a result—is negligent homicide. In fact, it could be criminally negligent homicide.

As I noted previously, the term negligent homicide applies when a person kills someone due to acts of gross negligence.


It is beyond all logical reasoning that a hospital would refuse a right-to-try to a dying patient. We, the public, can only guess why hospital administrators are being so stubbornly obtuse, but unless we the people start pushing back against this oppressive fraud and medical malpractice, more people will die needlessly. In truth, it is worse than what the woman wrote—Covid did not kill her husband. The hospital staff did.



Doctors who have had success treating Covid are strong proponents of early treatment.  Watch Daniel Bobinski’s interview with Dr. Vladimir Zelenko to learn more, and also review the FLCCC protocols.


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