Drug-Laced Hot Dogs Found on Dog-Hiking Trails in Eastern Idaho; 3 Dogs Injured, One Dead

Dog lovers should take caution. Even small amounts of Ibuprofen can be lethal to dogs, and Bannock County Sheriff’s Office is reporting that Ibuprofen-laced hot dogs have been found on popular dog-hiking trails in eastern Idaho.

Three dogs have been injured from eating the laced hot dogs, and one has died.

Sgt. Jon Everson of the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office says, “Local and federal law enforcement are doing all we can to learn more about what’s happened and who might be responsible.”

Although trail cameras are being used, law enforcement is asking that people be vigilant near trailheads and when walking on paths. If something suspicious is observed, they state:

• Never compromise your own safety, but as the situation allows, be a good witness. If possible, document the activity and include a detailed description of the person and type of activity including make, color, and/or license plate of any involved vehicle.

• Report the suspicious activity as soon as possible to the Bannock County Sheriff’s Office at 208-236-7111. Suspicious activity could be anything that regular trail users recognize as odd or out of the ordinary.

Everson also said, “For so many of us, dogs are part of our families, so it’s absolutely understandable these reports are very upsetting.”

It is always wise for dog owners to keep their pets controlled in places where their dog’s safety may be at risk.


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