Dorothy Moon should be the next Idaho GOP Chair

Op-Ed by Josh Gibbons

Idaho’s Republican Party is in desperate need for a change, because it’s been in shambles for quite a while. We are no longer the party of fiscal responsibility, smaller government and individual freedom. Instead we have become a party that’s been bought by special interests and corporations.

When the lockdowns happened, many elected Republicans went along with Governor Brad Little’s reckless decisions. They agreed to strip people of their rights and have shown themselves to be RINO’s (Republicans In Name Only) who should not be trusted with power. I’ve traveled the state for campaign work, and the sentiment is the same everywhere I go: Idahoans have had enough of career politicians who say and do anything to stay in power.

Idaho Republicans need change in their party leadership. It is imperative that the party has someone at the helm who will work hard to push forward true Republican principles. We need a new leader who can bring us back from the political abyss in which we find ourselves today.

It seems like advocating for Republican principles should be a given for the person sitting in the Chairman’s seat. Instead, we find ourselves dealing with an embarrassing lawsuit in which our current state leadership is suing one of our County parties for what is reported to be “political” reasons. This isn’t the type of GOP news highlights we need to see!

Dorothy Moon Should Be the Party Chair

Dorothy Moon is the perfect person to be Idaho’s new Republican Party Chair. She’s a conservative who has shown that she will not be bought by special interest groups. Dorothy has a track record of standing up for conservative values, and her voting record as a state legislator highlights this.

Because of her conservative views, you won’t see Governor Brad Little appointing Dorothy as the head of any agencies. It’s not because she’s not capable, because she very much is. It’s that Dorothy Moon doesn’t support the idea of expanding government.

It’s no secret Dorothy is willing to stand up for what is right even when doing so isn’t popular. Many times the loudest people at the Capitol are left-leaning, big-government types screeching for whatever hot button social issue is hip at the moment. Strong Republicans stand firm on principles and vote for what is right, but too often, weak Republicans bow to avoid getting talked about negatively in the press. Dorothy does not do that. She has shown that she stands on principle and stands strong for the people who elected her.

Dorothy Moon is a true conservative. She is not a RINO, and she is not a career politician. And, she will work hard to get more Republicans elected in Idaho. However, if Idaho Republicans want a career politician running the state GOP, I would recommend re-electing our current Chair, Tom Luna.

Tom Luna Brought Us Common Core

As we know, Common Core is and was a bad idea. It’s not been good for Idaho kids, it’s not good for teachers and it’s definitely not good for parents. The fact that the state has spent years and millions of dollars on a system that doesn’t work is a shame. It is not a commonly known fact, but only the signatures of current Party Chair, Tom Luna, and former Governor Otter brought Common Core to Idaho. While conservative voices statewide were saying, “Absolutely not!”, Luna and Otter brought it here anyway.

Both Luna and Otter have ties to lobby groups. Dorothy Moon does not have any ties to special interest groups or corporations that would be interested in buying her services as a lobbyist.

Since there is only one lobbyist in this race, it begs the question:

“Is it in our best interest to have someone at the helm of the Republican party who may be lobbying for ideas that do not align with Idaho’s Republican values?”

If you want to see positive change in the Republican Party, we must elect Dorothy Moon as our next GOP chair. She is a proven conservative and has proven track record of standing up for Conservative Values. The time is right for Dorothy Moon to serve as the next Idaho GOP Chair.

Josh Gibbons


Josh Gibbons is the State Committeeman for the Canyon County Republican Central Committee. He’s also the owner of Statecraft Consulting, a political consulting firm, host of “What’s Happening Idaho” podcast and co-host of the True Idaho News podcast.