Chemical Spill Shuts Down Pool in Boise – 28 Injured; 14 Sent to Local Hospitals

The Boise Fire Department, Police Department, Hazmat Crews, and Ada County Paramedics were called to Fairmont Pool in Boise at approximately 1:00 PM on Friday, June 25 in response to a code red chemical spill.

Paul Roberts, a division chief with the Boise Fire Department, stated that a commercial truck had been filling chemical tanks at the pool, and that people near the tanks at the time of the spill quickly “self-isolated” due to the smell. Boise Police reported that 28 people were affected by the spill, and 14 of them were taken to local hospitals. None of the injuries were reported to be life-threatening.

Fairmont Pool is located at 7929 W Northview Road and is under the purview of Boise Parks and Recreation. During the investigation and decontamination process, Northview Road was closed between Cole Road and Milwaukee Street.  The investigation is ongoing and the type of chemical spilled has not yet been made public. The pool will be closed until Monday.


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