A Constitutional Attorney Explains Religious Exemptions

With employers issuing proclamations that employees must receive a Covid shot to remain employed, those who are opposed to such mandates are looking for ways to avoid the jab while remaining employed.  True Idaho News editor Daniel Bobinski, who also hosts the New Book of Daniel podcast, recently interviewed Constitutional attorney Colton Boyles on his podcast about the matter (video below). Boyles, who’s law office is based in Sandpoint, Idaho, explained US Code as it relates to the issuance of a medical procedure.

Mandatory medical procedures have been a hot topic in Idaho ever since the state’s three largest healthcare employers (St. Luke’s, St. Alphonsus, and Primary Health) each declared that all of their employees and vendors must receive a Covid shot before September 1 or their employment will be terminated.  

In Bobinski’s interview with Boyles, Boyles said, “In 1905, a man got a fine for not getting a smallpox vaccine. When you apply that into the Federal Government’s ability to mandate everyone get a new type of injection, it’s totally distinguishable. I think there’s a big opportunity here to argue against a mandate.”

Boyles also said, “We need to exercise our informed consent with our medical professionals’ advice; a one-on-one decision-making process for each medical treatment.”

Boyles outlined the law that all Emergency Use Authorizations must follow. “They have to follow 21 U.S. Code § 360bbb-3,” he said. “That requires certain disclosures to be made by the hospitals, or whoever is mandating that to healthcare professionals.” The law states that people being offered or instructed to take any medical treatment “must be informed of the significant known and potential benefits and risks of the emergency use of the product.”  Personnel must also “be informed of the extent which such benefits and risks are unknown, and also to the alternatives to the product that are available, and the benefits and risks of the alternatives.”

When asked if exemptions issued under Emergency Use Authorization would still apply if a drug became FDA approved, Boyle said, “Any of the exemptions that are provided apply to both the EUA and the approved vaccines.”

Based on lawsuits filed by Boyles’ firm, it has been shown that religious protections are enshrined in the state and federal Constitutions, and they are supreme. “They are the supreme law of the land, and no decree by a federal agency can supersede your right to be exempt under the law as it is currently written.”

“Religious exemptions apply based upon federal and state law,” Boyles said. “The federal law is the same around the country – the state laws differ – so you have these two areas you can seek relief for.”

Questions about religious exemptions can be directed to Boyles through his website, www.CBoylesLaw.com, or through his email: cboyleslaw@use.startmail.com.

The 20-minute interview with Colton Boyles can be seen on BitChute:

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