5G Towers Creating Serious Adverse Health Effects – Cities Still Authorizing Towers

Planning and zoning departments across the nation – including those in Idaho – are woefully unequipped to evaluate the health impact of 5G towers that are being erected in neighborhoods at record pace.  A danger definitely exists: the Circuit Court of Washington D.C. recently ruled that the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) “failed to consider evidence of harm,” including to children, from 5G towers. Still, 5G towers continue to be installed in Idaho neighborhoods while judges and local elected officials ignore the serious health impact these towers are having on Idaho citizens.  

Currently, more than 500 5G towers have been erected in Idaho’s Treasure Valley, and at least one organization is trying to bring a more reasoned approach to the situation. Idahoans for Safe Technology (IFST) (website) is petitioning cities to review and rewrite their decades-old technology codes so that Idahoans remain safe from 5G’s high power radiation.

During a recent interview on the Voice of Conservative Values radio show, a spokesperson for IFST, David DeHaas, said that the planning and zoning department for the City of Boise has “admitted they don’t have the skill set in their department to understand what this is. You’d think they’d go get an RF engineer to look at these applications. None of these guys understand what this is. They don’t even know how to follow their own code.” 

Boise is Watering Down Tower Application Requirements

In an interview with True Idaho News, DeHaas said Boise’s planning and zoning department is not even trying to hide that they’re watering down the application process for towers. “No studies or impact reports will need to be submitted – they’re just trying to streamline the application process to make it easier on themselves so they don’t have to review the applications,” DeHaas said. “We’re going to end up with 5G towers every 500 feet, without proof of any need.”

DeHaas said the planning and zoning department has also been authorizing installations in violation of city code several times.

Also appearing on the Voice of Conservative Values show was Hank Allen, an Eagle resident who has suffered severe health issues due to a Verizon tower erected near his home. A short time after the tower was activated, Allen experienced multiple episodes of cardiac stress, known as “defib,” where his heart began beating at 140+ bpm for no apparent reason. Doctors could find no cause.

Over the course of several months, Allen’s heart went into defib five separate times. Allen created a log in which he plotted his physical location and identified what time of day each episode occurred. The pattern was clear.  Each time Allen went into defib he was physically between two cell towers, and always between 4:30 and 5:30 pm.  It turns out Allen’s home and back yard are directly between the two towers.

Electro-Cardiologists told Allen he did not qualify to receive aid from organizations that normally help with such heart problems because he was “only 50 years old” and his heart was healthy. When Allen told his doctor he thought the cell towers were the causing the problem, the doctor told him that there was no money in researching or proving that, so he wasn’t going to pursue it.

The interview with David DeHaas and Hank Allen can be heard here.

Fiber Optics is Safer and Faster – and Already Paid For

According to the ISFT website, “The City of Boise needs fast, secure, safe and reliable internet that can only be achieved with WIRED infrastructure such as fiber optics to the premises (FTTP).  We, the people, have paid for this infrastructure for decades by way of fees on our phone bills – and the large telecoms have illegally misdirected these subsidies to build their private wireless networks.  Therefore, we also demand that the City invest in WIRED infrastructure for high speed internet, NOT wireless.”

They continue, saying, “On March 13, 2020, the D.C. Court of Appeals Irregulators V. FCC decision freed billions of dollars per state from these misdirected funds.  Cities across the US are creating their own municipally-owned, fiber optic networks which are far safer, faster, more secure from cyber attacks, and yield a rich revenue source for local governments.”

The IFST group is encouraging citizens to contact their city officials and request cities update their zoning codes to ensure public safety is part of the code.  More data on what is needed and how to help address this issue can be found at the IFST’s website, idahoansforsafetechnology.org.


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